Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brady Gets Whacked!

Well Patriots QB Tom Brady's streak of 128 straight starts, including today's opener, may be in jeopardy now after the All Pro suffered an injury to his knee knocking him out of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. It is not know how severe the injury is, or how much time he will miss.

Still this is interesting considering that Brady missed all of training camp with an ankle injury, but insisted that he would be ready to play today. Guess that didn't work out.

Matt Cassell came in and had to save the day. He has mananged to get the Patriotsto their first victory of the year, a 17-10 win over KC. Cassell looked good going 13 of 18 for 152 yards and a touchdown to Randy Moss.

Still, inspite of the win, the Patriots season is in jeopardy. If Brady misses time - forget about any repeat trips to the Super Bowl.

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