Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cowher Tells Jets Thanks But No Thanks

After an initial agreement to meet by his agents that was followed by 24 hours of speculation that the Jets were on pace to make Bill Cowher their next head coach, the former Steelers coach told the Jets, in effect, thanks, but no thanks. Cowher will not be the next head coach of the New York Jets.

"After reaching out to Coach Cowher's representatives, we were informed tonight that he is not a candidate for the position," Jets spokesman Bruce Speight told the Associated Press on Tuesday night (ESPN).

So, where does this leave the Jets? In panic mode, one would think. The Jets will now turn to other options like Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnoulu, who has gained popularity in New York for his part in the Giants Super Bowl title last season but has no pervious head coaching experience.

The Jets could also look within to Brian Schottenheimer, who has drawn the ire of Jet fans for his rather stale offensive play-calling. The Jets could also look to Brian's father, Marty Schottenheimer, who has not coached in over two years since his shocking dismisal from San Diego. The elder Shottenheimer would not be a popular choice among fans because it would mean his son would stay on as the offensive coordinator and de-facto head coach of the future.

If Woody Johnson is still obsessed with finding the next Bill Parcells or Bill Bellichick, he could look to New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is only 32. Bringing in McDaniels would make the Jets look really bad, considering they just fired a young head coach who comes from the Parcells/Bellichick tree.

If the Jets are still interested in bringing in a credible head coach, then Mike Shanahan would be the next best choice after Cowher. Shanahan was fired Tuesday by the Denver Broncos after a disappointing 8-8 season. Shanahan won two Super Bowls with Denver in the late 1990's, and is said to still have the desire to coach after 15 years with the Broncos. If Gang Green is interested in Shanahan, they better hurry up before someone like the Kansas City Chiefs or Dallas Cowboys come calling on him.

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