Friday, December 26, 2008

Final NFL Playoff Scenerios

Wtih one week to go, there is still some ambiguity as to who will make the NFL playoffs in 2008-2009.

Here are the final formuli:

Dolphins win against the Jets and they are the division champs. Even if the Patriots beat Buffalo to improve to 11-5, the Dolphins own a better conference record than New England.

If the Jets beat the Dolphins and the Bills beat the Patriots, then the Jets win the AFC East at 10-6.

If the Patriots win against the Bills, and the Jets defeat the Dolphins the Patriots make it to the playoffs at 11-5.

AFC Wild Card Sixth Seed:
The Ravens become the sixth seed if they beat the Jaguars, or the Patriots and Jets lose their games.

The Jets become the wild card if they beat Miami, and Baltimore loses.

The Patriots become the wild card if they beat Buffalo and Baltimore and the Jets lose their respective games.

AFC West:
Broncos and Chargers will square off in an AFC West Title game to determine the division winner. The winner will be the AFC's number four seed and will host the Colts next Saturday night.

NFC South:
The Carolina Panthers clinch the South with a win against the Saints, or a Falcons loss to the Rams on Sunday.

The Atlanta Falcons become division champs if they beat the Rams and the Panthers lose to the Saints on Sunday.

The loser of the NFC South division title will be the automatic number five seed in the NFC at 11-5, which is the best of the wild card records.

NFC North:
The Vikings can clinch the North with a win against the Giants.

If that does not happen and Minnesota loses to the Giants, they have to hope that the Bears lose to the Texans for the Vikings to back into the division title.

If the Vikings lose and the Bears win against the Texans, then the Bears become the NFC North champs and the number three seed in the NFC.

Wild Card number six seed:

The Buccaneers clinch the sixth seed with a win against Oakland and a loss by the Cowboys against the Eagles or losses by the Vikings and Bears.

The Cowboys clinch the sixth seed with a win in Philadelphia and a loss by the Buccaneers or losses by the Bears and Vikings.

The Bears clinch the sixth seed with a win in Houston and losses by the Cowboys and Buccaneers.

The Eagles clinch the sixth seed with a win against the Cowboys and losses by the Bears, or Vikings, and the Buccaneers.

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