Sunday, December 28, 2008

Parcells May Not Be Long For Miami

In an intersting blog from, there is a power struggle at the top of the Miami Dolphins organization, and it could affect whether Bill Parcells stays in South Beach.

Miami owner Wayne Huizenga is expected to transfer control of the team to new owner Stephen Ross, and both are hoping that Parcells does not decide to opt out of his contract and take his money because of the dramatic change.

Parcells has a four year contract with Miami, and if he decides to leave after the 2008 season, he will collect $9 million up front.

Parcells has easily been the executive of the year after reshaping the Dolphins in his image and sending them to the top of the AFC East. In fact, in all of Parcells' inaugural seasons, he has never had a year this good.

In his first year with the Giants, he went 3-12-1. In his first year with New England, he made it to the playoffs as a wild card at 10-6. In 1997, his first with the Jets, he lost the season finale to Detroit, costing the Jets a playoff berth. In his first year with Dallas, the Cowboys went 10-6 and made it in as a wild card team. This year, far and away, is the fastest turn around by Parcells in his 25 plus years of working in the NFL.

If he leaves, it would really damage Miami's future.

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