Monday, January 5, 2009

Jets Continue To Screw Up Coaching Search

It's not easy to screw up a coaching search, especially when Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, Brian Billick, Steve Mariucci, and Jim Fassel, all coaches who have proven and winning track records, are available to be interviewed.

Still, the Jets find ways to make things difficult for themselves because they are the Jets; they seem to be experts at failure. According to Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star Ledger, the Jets have tapped Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenhiemer as the favoirte to become the 17th coach in Jets franchise history.

This comes after the Jets, apparently, complained that Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was rather unprepared for his interview with Gang Green executives on Saturday afternoon. In other words, cross him off the list of potential candidates.

In even more troubling developments, the Jets are about to interview Boston College Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski, which will cost the man his job at BC. The Athletic Department at Boston College has threatened to fire Jagodzinski on the spot if he even says two words to the Jets. So now the Jets are responsible for getting someone fired outside the clubhouse. That's pretty good work. In a bad economy where jobs are scarce, the Jets have managed to get two head coaches fired in a week!

To add to the mayhem, Jets owner Woody Johnson has been on vacation in another country leaving GM Mike Tannenbaum and company to interview potential head coaches. One would think that the owner would care, just a little scoche that his $600 billion investment finds a new head coach.

In the meantime, Jet fans, click on this POLL from the Daily News. It is a fun poll that makes fans into Donald Trump in deciding who gets fired.

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