Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woody Johnson Has To Back Track After Remarks

On the day that he welcomed a brand new head coach, Jets owner Woody Johnson let one slip through his tounge when he told reporters: "We've been preoccupied with building the stadium and this (facility), and now we're really focused on the most important aspect, and that's the team." (Qutd. New York Post).

The quote didn't really shake fans or media until today, as it was construed to mean that Johnson and Company did not care about winning at all, and was more concerned about selling PSL's.

Some people claim that the quote is evidence as to why the team did not get Bill Cowher as the head coach, and still wants an aging Brett Favre on the team, so Favre can sell tickets with his big ticket name. CHECK OUT "The Roberts Rant" from titled "It's All About The Stadium"

Johnson tried to back track on the quote when he told WFAN host Mike Francesa "That clearly was not what I meant to communicate. I was trying to communicate that we have accomplished quite a bit with a new stadium and practice facility."

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