Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another A-Bomb from A-Fraud Rodriguez

It just never gets dull for Alex Rodriguez does it?

The man who seems to be at the center of every controversy and disaster known to man, is at it again. This time A-Rod, or as Joe Torre called him A-Fraud, is indeed a fraud. Rodriguez was caught with his proverbial pants down, after a report surfaced today from Sports Illustrated citing that Rodriguez tested positive for Anabolic Steroids in 2003.

It is not known whether Rodriguez has used steroids since coming to the Yankees in 2004, but this report confirms fears that A-Rod used Roids at some point in his career.

Rodriguez was not cited as a steroids user when the Mitchell Report came out last winter.

This adds to what has been a whacky couple of weeks for A-Rod. Last week, Torre's book came out stating that Rodriguez had a "single white female" relationship with Short Stop Derek Jeter, trying desperately to be like the popular Yankee. The book also said that Rodriguez's teammates called him A-Fraud since he never produced in the clutch.

Rodriguez's stay with the Yankees has been equally checkered. Whether it was chocking in October playoff games, or hanging out with prostitutes in Toronto. Whether it was Rodriguez's messy divorce, or his Kabala/love affair with Madonna, or his public opting out of his Yankee contract in the middle of the 2007 World Series, Rodriguez never seems to do anything right.

The guy should just give up playing baseball and consider living as a hermet, at least than no one will pay any attention to his bone-headed stunts.

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