Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Mouth Coles Gets Axed By Jets

If Laveranues Coles thought he got the last laugh after Brett Favre retired two weeks ago, he had another thing coming. Like something out of The Godfather or The Sopranos, the Jets whacked the big mouthed complainer, citing that his $6 million salary for 2009-2010 was just too much to handle.

Coles, as tough as he is, had a history of complaining whenever he was not happy. In 2002, he whined his way off the team when the Jets traded him to the Washington Redskins. However, after Coles drove Redskins coach Joe Gibbs nuts, the Skins sent him back to the Jets for Santana Moss in 2005.

This season, Coles was upset that the Jets traded away his buddy, Chad Pennington, in favor of Favre. Coles didn't speak to the media for weeks, and there were constant rumblings that he and Favre were not getting along.
In December, Coles ripped Favre in a San Francisco newspaper claiming that Favre had no arm strength anymore. In the nex to last game of the season, Coles had a sure first down at mid-field against the Seahawks, but suspiciously dropped the ball at the last minute. The Jets lost 13-3, and their season was pretty much over.

In 2007, Coles suffered a hideous concussion during a 13-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills at home that ended his season. Coles has had a history of concussion injuries in his career.

The Jets could still bring him back for a lesser price, but don't count on it. The Jets are now roughly $34 million under their cap for this season. The free agent signing period begins Friday.
Don't be surprised to see Coles wearing a Dolphins uniform next season, so he can play catch with his best friend of all time...Chad Pennington!

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