Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ray Lewis Interested In Jets?

Either Ravens future Hall of Fame Linebacker Ray Lewis means it, or he is really good at pretending to be a sports agent by jacking up his own price tag.

Lewis, who has been the emotional leader of the Balitmore Ravens since their inception in 1996, is a free agent and has said in a story published by the New York Post, that he will not give the Ravens a home team discount. In other words, he will go for the best deal available.

Lewis feels that the Jets are an "attractive" option, since he has a long relationship with Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan. Ryan and Lewis spent eight years together, with Ryan as a defensive assitant and later coordinator. The two of the were apart of the Ravens 2000 World Championship team.

"That relationship by itself is a match, because of the relationship me and Rex have always had. That opportunity by itself looks attractive, seems attractive," Lewis said in an interview on the NFL Network.

If Lewis does become a Jet, he will bring tremendous energy and leadership to a defensive unit that has lacked leadership ever since Brian Cox and Mo Lewis left the orgainization in 2001.
But, before that could happen, the Jets will need Brett Favre to make a decision on his own future. Favre is due $13 million next season if he returns, which puts the Jets way over the salary cap, making it hard for them to go big time for a guy like Lewis. If Favre retires, the Jets could go hard after Lewis.

Keep in mind there are two other linebackers available from that great Ravens defense. Bart Scott and Terrell Suggs are also free agents. Suggs also has a special relationship with Ryan. Ryan talked extensively about how he took Suggs under his wing and made him a Pro Bowler.

Either way the Jets will likely sign one of these players. The Jets current middle linebacker, Eric Barton, who is best known for roughing Drew Brees at the end of a Jets/Chargers playoff game in 2004, is a free agent this year as well. It might be time for the Jets to let Barton walk.

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