Friday, February 20, 2009

A-Rod Continues Pattern of Lies

Here is a new revalation for you; Alex Rodriguez may be witholding some more information about his steroid use. READ STORY.

In a report from Friday's Newsday, Rodriguez spent the 2007 season traveling and working out with a man named Angel Presinal, who was banned from from MLB because he was pushing steroids on players. Apparently he and A-Roid are very close, going back to their days in Texas.

It was also revealed that Persinal and Yuri Sucart are the "cousins" that Rodriguez was referring to on Tuesday.

Persinal has been linked to other major league stars including former Mets' Pedro Martinez and Mosies Alou. Boston Red Sox DH/1B David Ortiz and Angels Outfielder Vladimir Gurrero are also believed to have had associations with Persinal in the past.

It is not offically confirmed that Martinez, Ortiz or any of these others are on the list of 103 who tested positive in 2003, or if they ever took steroids.

Still, their relations with Persinal will come into question this spring. Ortiz came out a few days ago, scolding baseball for its checkered past, declaring that any user be banned for a year. Well, if Mr. Ortiz had his way, then he would be banned for a year as well.

As for Rodriguez, this could confirm fears that the former All Star has been lying about his use of steroids. He has admitted to using roids from 2001-2003, but never admitted to using them in 2007. With this new evidence, Rodriguez will have to answer some more questions.

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