Sunday, March 15, 2009

Get Your Brackets; March Maddness Begins

At 6:00 Sunday evening, CBS revealed this year's installment of the NCAA tournament men's basketball bracket for another year of madness.

The Big East got big time reprsentation with seven teams, three of which earned number one seeds. Louisville, who won the Big East title this week deserved the award, while Pittsburgh proved to be the best team in the land through the regular season.

However, one can question why the University of Connecticut got a number one seed in the western brackett. Connecticut struggled down the stretch losing three games in the last two weeks, two of which were defeats to Pittsburgh.

Some might argue that either Memphis (31-3 this season) or even Oklahoma (27-5), which has the best player in the country in Blake Griffin, were more deserving of a number one seed over UConn.

To get your bracket, download it right here: BRACKET. (Note: Make sure you have Adobe Reader 8 installed in your computer to get the bracket; it is a PDF file.

Here are some interesting games to watch this week in the first round of the tournament. In the South, North Carolina is ranked number one and they face off with a 21-11 Radford team as the 16th seed. A 16th seed has never won a game in this tournament, and Radford, with a record of 21-11, is by far the best record for a 16th seed that I have seen in some time. North Carolina should win the game, but it could be close.

The East bracket is the best bracket of them all. Pittsburgh, Duke, Texas, Villanova, UCLA, Xavier, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, and Wisconsin have great histories of making big runs through this tournament and all of them will play off of each other in the East.

UConn appears to have a good shot at the final four, but Texas A&M, Purdue and last year's championship game loser, Memphis, will stand in their way in the West.

The weakest bracket by far is the midwest. Louisville won the Big East, which was the toughest conference in America this year, but they have no competition in this bracket. Michigan State is overrated at the number two seed; expect Michigan State to beat Robert Morris in game one and lose to the winner of USC/Boston College in game two.

The defending NCAA Champions Kansas Jay Hawks may be the only block in the way of Louisville from going to a final four.

It should be a fun three weeks. Good luck to all teams, and to you coach potatoes out there, hoping your bracket doesn't bust.

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