Sunday, March 1, 2009

Giants Stack Defense With Chris Canty

The Giants pulled off a major steal this off-season, signing former Dallas Cowboy defensive end Chris Canty to a six year $42 million deal with $17.5 guaranteed.

This is the third major move by New York. Yesturday they signed linebacker Michael Boley from Altanta and defenisve tackle Rocky Bernard from the Seahawks.

Canty is a monster. He stands at 6'7" 304 pounds, and is terrific at coming off the edge in pass rushing. If he can't get to the quarterback, he is tall and athletic enough to block passes and disrupt the quarterbacks field of vision.

Canty, like alot of free agents this season, had a rough 2008. He had only 37 tackles last year, but did manage to collect three sacks. In 2007, Canty had 43 tackles and 3.5 sacks for the Cowboys.

This is a big hit to Dalllas; not only did they lose some speed at defensive end, they lose one to a hated division rival.

With Canty, Boley and Bernard in the fold with the likes of Justin Tuck, Antonio Pierce, and Osi Umineyora, the Giants will have the toughest defense in football next season.

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