Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not So Hip. A-Rod Out 10 Weeks With Injury

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I suggested that Alex Rodriguez just give up playing baseball and retire to a farm or some distant island? Well, I think he better do it, now. Amid allegations of steroid use, Rodrigeuz now has a new problem.

His hip.

Rodriguez will miss ten weeks to have surgery that will remove a cyst on his right hip which has given the third baseman discomfort. The source that broke the story is A-Rod's brother, not his cousin, Joe Rodriguez, who told ESPN Deportes.

A-Rod will now miss all of spring training and all of April. He is expected back sometime in May, but considering the number of rehab games he will have to play, don't bet on seeing Rodriguez in the Yankee lineup until the end of May beginning of June.

The good news for A-Rod? He doesn't have to answer questions about Selena Roberts' new book detailing the third baseman's troubled personal life; the tome is due in bookstores April 14. I guess this surgery couldn't come at a better time.
It has been a horrible early spring for Rodriguez; then again, when is it ever a dull moment for the troubled star.

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