Thursday, March 5, 2009

Owens Let Go By Cowboys

The crazy life of Terrell Owens just got a little stranger this morning. Around midnight last night, the Cowboys annoucned that Owens has been released from his contract ending the receiver's odd tenure in Dallas.

Owens was pretty quiet during his first two seasons with Dallas, but this year he went back to being T.O.: lashing out at quarterback Tony Romo and tight end David Witten, claiming that the two were conspiring against him. Owens, as usual, divided the clubhouse and made it impossible for the Cowboys to keep him any longer.

This marks the third time that T.O. has talked his way out of town. His most famous stunt coming in Philadelphia in 2005 when he refused to go to training camp because of a rift between himself and quarterback Donavan McNabb.

So, where will T.O. go? Look for T.O. in a Raider uniform next year; it is the only place he can go since Oakland is basically the NFL's depository for misbehaving players. He would fit right in. If T.O. still wants to win - how about a Indianapolis Colts uniform? The Colts released Marvin Harrison last week, and Owens would be a perfect target for Peyton Manning. Plus, Owens would have to be on his best behavior in order to work with well with Manning.

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