Friday, April 3, 2009

Giants Release Plaxico Burress

If Plaxico Burress is to ever return to the NFL, when and if he gets out of jail for his "gun in the pants" incident after Thanksgiving, it won't be with the Giants.

The foolhardy wide receiver who shot himself in the leg at a nightclub the day after Thanksgiving will no longer be a member of the New York Giants, the team he helped win the Super Bowl 14 months ago.

GM Jerry Reese released this statement:
We hung in there as long as we could in hopes that there could be a resolution to this situation other than the decision we made today to release Plaxico. It wasn’t to be, so now we have to move on. Like everybody else here, we want nothing but the best for Plaxico, and we are appreciative of the contributions he made to this franchise.”

Where do the Giants go from here? They are expected to take a receiver in the draft. Kenny Britt of Rutgers or Percy Harvin of Florida could fall to them at 25, but neither really is a number one receiver at this point in their respective careers. The Giants could try to swing a trade for a receiver. There were rumors that Big Blue was interested in Arizona Cardinals' receiver Anquan Bolden and/or Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, but nothing has really gotten past the rumor stage on those trades.

Releasing Burress is a great move. The Giants are now no longer responsible for Burress's idiotic antics and they will no longer have to answer questions about his trial, his jail time and possible plea bargain that could reduce his sentence.

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