Friday, April 3, 2009

Omar Minaya Kisses The Devil, Signs Gary Sheffield

Call it the kiss of death.

Omar Minaya must have fallen down a flight of stairs this morning because signing Gary Sheffield makes absolutely no sense from every standpoint, on the field and off the field.

On the field Sheffield hit only .225 last year with the Detroit Tigers and was every bit the malcontent that he is on every team he is on. His behavior and diving stats became too much for manager Jim Leyland, so he decided to rid himself of Sheffield as soon as possible.

Off the field, Sheffield likes to cause trouble. His big mouth has the propensity of dividing clubhouses, and he enjoys putting managers in pressure situations to play him more often, or he will pout like a five-year-old baby.

Do the Mets really need another malcontent? They already have two in Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado, but I guess three's a charm for Omar and the Mets.

Forget about Daniel Murphy beginning his career as the Mets everyday left fielder. He will spend more time on the bench because if Sheffield isn't playing, then manager Jerry Manuel is going to have a lot of trouble on his hands.

Forget about Ryan Church having much of a career. If Manuel wants to save Murphy's career, it will come at the expense of Church, who is trying to come back from a 2008 full of concussions. Church better keep his bags packed because he may not be long for New York anymore.

This is a horrible move by the Mets. The last thing they needed was a guy who tears down clubhouses and can't hit the baseball anymore, since he doesn't use steroids. Horrible, horrible job by Omar Minaya.

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