Thursday, May 3, 2012

Knicks stink it up again, trail Heat 3-0

MIA leads 3-0 

Here is a record the Knicks won't be proud of: 13 straight, as in 13 straight playoff losses.

For three quarters,the Knicks showed their fans something they hadn't seen at all in this series against the Heat: some fight! Days after Amar'e Stoudemire smashed his fist through the glass casing of a fire extinguisher, that ill-consiered action may very well prevent Stoudemire from playing the rest of the season, New York trailed Miami by only two points.

They held their own against Miami's big three for as long as they could, and trailing 58-56 heading into the fourth quarter, the Knicks momentum was on the rise. Then, it all fell apart ... again.

The Heat outscored the Knicks 29-14, and, once more, LeBron James was at the center of it. James scored 17 points in the quarter, including two huge three pointers to build a ten point Heat lead three minutes into the fourth quarter. The Knicks had no answer for James who did whatever he wanted, including acting like a Drama Queen when it came to fouls, or non-calls.

Every shot the Knicks took in the fourth quarter missed and missed badly. They couldn't rebound and couldn't play a ounce of defense. Offensively,  the Knicks were nonexistent. Carmelo Anthony had only 22 points; Steve Novak didn't score a single point, Tyson Chandler only had 10 points, and JR. Smith 12. That was it.

The Knicks lifeless performance in the fourth quarter was a huge downer after this team came out hotter than a firecracker for the first half of this game. Now New York is on the brink of elimination. There is a chance that Amar'e Stoudemire will play Sunday. There have been rumors that Jeremy Lin would try to play too. At this point, it just doesn't matter because the Heat will win this series, and the Knickerbockers will have to live with another disappointing post-season.

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