Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dog & Pony Show: Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson Fail to Answer Big Questions

Anyone expecting to hear something incredibly revealing from the Jets press conference, Tuesday were greatly disappointed.

Not only did Jets owner Woody Johnson endorse the job security of coach Rex Ryan, the duo danced around questions regarding the future of the franchise in terms of the clubs' GM search, the quarterback, and of course Tattoogate.

The most prevalent information to come out of the Jets press conference was the idea that Johnson will allow Ryan to be part of the search for a new General Manager. This is baffling. To give the head coach say in who the GM will be does not solve the team's personnel issues, especially when the coach is Ryan who has done nothing but destroy the Jets during his four year as head coach.

 With Ryan having a say on who the GM will be makes working for the Jets an untenable situation. Nobody is going to want come to New Jersey and work for the Jets if Ryan is going to serve a s a bully to whomever is making the personnel decisions. Johnson has done an ill service to both himself and his franchise by keeping Ryan around. Yet Woody had this to say: "Rex Ryan is perfect for the New York Jets. In a lot of ways he like the New York Jets fan." I'm sure Jets fans are flattered. Ryan is a guy with a checkered reputation right now, and anyone who hitches their wagon to him is doomed; just ask Mike Tannenbaum.

Johnson would not reveal whom they are interviewing for the position, but right now word is that the team is interested in either Tom Gamble of San Francisco, Marc Ross of the Giants, and David Caldwell of Atlanta. Caldwell is very close to signing on with the Jacksonville Jaguars to be their GM. With Ryan having more say about the GM, don't be shocked if none of these men end up taking the job, and the Jets settle for an in-house candidate in Scott Cohen, who was an assistant under Tannenbaum.

As for Ryan, he continues to spew out the same nonsense he has over the past four years. He said that the New York Jets will be the most feared team in the NFL in 2013; a total joke that not even a buffoon would even believe. I am sure that the Patriots are shaking in their boots after that statement from Rex.

He even said the offense will be more dynamic and unpredictable than in years past. It better be, because Ryan will be on his third offensive coordinator in three years. Tony Sparano was brought to the Jets because Ryan was convinced that Sparano was the exact same coach as himself. Sparano was a total failure in his one year with the Jets. Ryan and Johnson did not address why they had so much belief in Sparano coming in 2012, and Ryan never addressed his endorsement of Sparano from a year ago.

As for his assistant coaches, Ryan would not go into detail about why his old pal Mike Pettine would leave the team and consider taking a defensive coordinator position at the Buffalo Bills. All Rex would even say regarding the issue is that he "wishes" Pettine well, and hopes he doesn't end up in Buffalo. Expect Dennis Thurman to take over as the team's defensive coordinator.

The only breaking news to come out of the press conference was that Special Teams Assistant Ben Kotwica will replace the highly opinionated Mike Westoff as Special Teams coach.  

Finally the 3000 lb gurrilla in the room: Mark Sanchez. Ryan and Johnson danced around the questions regarding the quarterback, in fact they didn't even address the quarterback situation during their opening statements -- making it clear they might be comfortable moving forward with Sanchez as their starting quarterback in 2013. Neither guaranteed that Sanchez would or would not be the starter next season, saying only that they are not concerned about his ridiculous contract.

 In fact Ryan never really addressed the tattoo issue. Last week he was photographed with a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. Ryan tried to make a joke of it during the press conference, saying that Sanchez better play better or the number on his tattoo would change.

The joke didn't draw many laughs.

That being said, Ryan admitted that he has failed to implement an "attack approach" mentality in this football team and promises to do so this year.

 In short the Jets press conference was a giant waste of time. Nothing was really revealed and nothing is going to change. Get ready for another year of Rexcuses from the Jets. 

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