Friday, October 18, 2013

Manning Returns to Indy, Open Mike Week 7 NFL Picks

It's week 7 in the NFL and there is plenty of good action coming up this week. Taking a look around the league, and one can see that the divisional races are really up for grabs this year. There is no single team, other than Denver, that looks like a world beater this year.

Take a look at the AFC North for example, the Steelers were 0-4 and left for dead two weeks ago. Now if Pittsburgh wins on Sunday, and gets some help from the Lions (who host Cincinnati) and Green Bay (who hosts Cleveland), the Steelers could be a game and a half out of first! That is how nutty this season has become.

Of course the biggest headline of the week in Denver invading Indianapolis. Peyton Manning meant so much to the Colts franchise, and is single-handly the reason that franchise is considered one of the top teams in the sport.

But don't tell that to Jim Irsay, who had some choice words for Manning this week; saying that the Colts had to move past Manning, because he wasn't a winner. Read my prediction below:

Patriots @ Jets: The Patriots are coming off a dramatic victory against the New Orleans Saints last week, and head to New York with Rob Gronkowski healthy. Of course, Bill Belichick would clear Gronkowski before a Jets game. Belichick's hatred of New York continues to light his flame to this day. Rex Ryan has begged both his players to be ready for the Pats, and begged his fans even more to show up and cheer for Gang Green. While Geno Smith won't buttfumble to the Patriots, he won't do anything to win it either for the Jets. PICK: PATRIOTS 31, JETS 20. 

Bengals @ Lions: The Bengals are lucky to be 4-2. They nearly blew their game against the hapless Buffalo Bills last week, and have had their toughness questioned enough times, especially on the road. The Lions, are a shocking 4-2, but it seems like its only a matter of time before the Packers catch them in the NFC North. Until then, I like Matt Stafford throwing to a now healthy Calvin Johnson at home. PICK: LIONS 27, BENGALS 24.

Ravens @ Steelers: There is something about the Ravens that I don't like. Maybe its the fact that they are missing a lot of key pieces from their Super Bowl team, maybe its the fact that Ray Rice looks finished in the Ravens backfield. The Ravens are lucky to be 3-3, they could easily be 1-5, if it weren't for the Browns and Dolphins, being ... well ... the Browns and Dolphins. The Steelers are coming off a must win against the Jets, and are getting healthy. Something tells me, Pittsburgh is going to make a run. PICK: STEELERS 20, RAVENS 13.

Broncos @ Colts: Now back to the Colts and Broncos. Like I said earlier, Colts owner Jim Irsay threw Peyton Manning under the bus this week, even claiming that Manning told him to draft Andrew Luck. Right, Jim...(sarcasm)... like Peyton wanted you to replace him. Even though the Colts will play a tribute to Manning before the game, Peyton won't care anymore. He now wants to get even for the Colts dumping him. I'm sure there are some Colts fans that wish they never let Peyton go, especially with Manning improving to 7-0. PICK: BRONCOS 38, COLTS 17.

Vikings @ Giants: The Dummy Bowl will take place at the Meadowlands this week, and the Jets are not involved. WOW! The hopeless Vikings take on the winless Giants on Monday Night Football. Both teams need a win, but the Giants need it more. Believe it or not the 1-4 Vikings might be their right medication for Big Blue. The Vikings are a mess. They have no quarterback, and their coach is going to be on the griddle very quickly here. Adrian Peterson is not putting up nearly the same numbers he did, but he's always dangerous. Expect Eli (interception) Manning to throw a pick, but also throw a couple touchdowns to the guys in blue. PICK: GIANTS 27, VIKINGS 22.

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