Friday, October 18, 2013

Melo Wants to Be Free Agent, But Loves New York

It's no secret now that Knicks star Carmelo Anthony wants to be a free agent, he even declared as much the other day.

With the regular season just two weeks away, this couldn't be a worse time for the Knicks best player to declare he wants more money, and his answer defending his claims did little to put out flames and debate about whether he will return in Knicks blue and orange.

Anthony said: "It's definitely an opportunity that I'm willing to explore and experience," Anthony said Thursday morning. "That not whatsoever means that I'm not coming back to New York or I don't want to be here in New York. So I don't want nobody to get that impression." 

While Anthony says he doesn't want to leave New York, he never mentioned the Knicks. There is another basketball team in town in New York in the Brookyln Nets. Now, with all of the money the Nets have spent the past two off-seasons, adding Anthony in 2014-2015 makes very little sense. Especially with Deron Williams already entrenched as the face of the franchise, but Anthony's quote will make Knicks fans queasy.

Anthony's pronouncement of his desires is a bit selfish, especially with the season so close to starting. The Knicks are trying to defend their division title, while holding off the Nets from taking over both the division and back pages of the local papers.

The Knicks have plenty of question marks coming into this year, and Anthony's desire to be a Knick is the last thing coach Mike Woodsen needs on his plate. Every time Anthony screws up, or has a bad night, his desire will automatically come into question.

If Anthony hits the open market, he is projected, according to ESPN, to make about $95 million, which is the max contract teams can now offer in the NBA. If he stays with the Knicks he would make more.

The Knicks can open negotiations with Anthony in Feburary, but if he is steadfast in opting out to be a free agent, he will garner plenty of offers. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of many possible suitors for Anthony. Although I find a combo of Kobe Bryant and Carmelo highly unlikely, and knowing Bryant's history of being a spoiled brat when he's not the only star on the team, this match is not made in Heaven.

The Knicks open the season against Milwaukee in two weeks.

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