Sunday, December 15, 2013

Giants Show Zero Heart in Defeat to Seahawks


Change is defiantly on the horizon for the New York Giants, especially after Big Blue's second consecutive stinker, a 23-0 shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks in front of a half empty MetLife Stadium.

The Giants showed no life, and even less interest in this contest. They played like a team that not only knew they were playing the best team in the NFL, they accepted defeat before kickoff. The main culprit was the offense, which once again could do nothing, this time against the the number one defense in football.

When this was still a contest, the best drive the Giants could muster was a mere 29 yards. Other than that the Giants had drives of -8, 4, -4, 24, -1, 0, -10 ... you get the picture. It was ugly and this game was not even close.

Eli Manning was horrific. He channeled his inner Mark Sanchez, looking like the Eli who struggled through the first six weeks of the season. Manning was horrible. He threw five interceptions, three of which came in the first half. He couldn't get on the same page with his receivers, who were also guilty of dropping makable catches.

With Seattle leading 3-0, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson engineered an efficient 72 yard drive, with Wilson making big plays with both his arm and leg. His 25-yard completion to Doug Baldwin moved Seattle to the Giants 19. Wilson then hit Baldwin again for 13 more to the six, before Marshawn Lynch finished it off with a touchdown to make it 10-0.

Even though it was 10-0, the game felt like it was over. The Giants had no pulse. The players were seen slumping their shoulders and shaking their heads at this point.

In short a change in philosophy is necessary. Tom Coughlin does not deserve to be fired -- he has taken this franchise to great highs, but his coordinators need to go.

Kevin Gillbride's offense was unimaginative and pathetic to watch. The Giants offensive unit had no answer for the Chargers last week, and no heart this week. While it is easy to blame Eli Manning for the turnovers, he is not to blame for everything. This is a unit that needs a total overhaul in attitude.

Defensively, the Giants did ok, but even Perry Fewell's seat has to be warm. His unit couldn't stop the Seahawks big receivers, and have had their issues all season.

Coughlin is a guy who is very loyal to his coordinators, but he can't be loyal anymore -- especially if he wants to keep his job for at least one more year. If Coughlin doesn't like hearing this, he is free to step down as the HC of the NYG if he should choose -- nobody will blame him nor stop him.

However, if Coughlin is willing to bring in a new voice or two to help him out -- he has to do it.

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