Thursday, December 19, 2013

NFL Ready To Move Super Bowl If Blizzard Hits NJ

Are you ready for a Monday Night Super Bowl?

If New Jersey gets hit with a monster blizzard, which seems to always happen every year in late January/early February in these parts, it could be a disaster for Super Bowl XLVIII.

The NFL has a contingency plan to move the game either to Saturday night, or Monday Night if Sunday, February 2 brings weather fit enough for the abominable snowman.

“There is a potential for a move-up or move-back scenario, depending on what we see coming,’’ Frank Supovitz, Senior VP of NFL Events, said Wednesday. “If we see something that is crippling to the region, then we’ll make a decision based on the intelligence we have at the time. How late we do that is going to be as late as possible’’(NY Post).

The NFL, obviously, would like to avoid this, and they will deploy as many trucks as possible to the area to make sure that the game happens on Sunday -- however, just the thought of having the Super Bowl moved up or back is a disaster.

The game has been a Sunday staple for decades, and to have it moved because of a storm would be catestrophic. More importantly it would cancel out any thoughts of bringing another Super Bowl to a cold weather stadium, whether it be Chicago or New England. All bets would be off if Met Life Stadium gets dumped with several feet of snow and ice.

That is why having the Super Bowl in New Jersey was a bad idea to begin with. Not only do the players hate it, but out of towners will be non-too-pleased having to drive around New Jersey in bad weather conditions to find a stadium, hotel, or even a restaurant.

All we can hope for is that the snow holds off, and everyone has a good time. But if it doesn't, the NFL won't hear the end of it.

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