Monday, December 9, 2013

NY Jets Biggest Concern: Woody Johnson

Perhaps the biggest concern for Jets fans isn't Rex Ryan, or the play of Geno Smith.

No the biggest concern for Jets fans has to be Woody Johnson.

Because if Johnson is true to his word, it looks like the status quo will remain just that going forward to 2014. In an interview on the Jets pre-game show on ESPN NY, Johnson said he was "happy with the way things are going," for the franchise right now.

This before the Jets beat the Raiders 37-27, and coming off of a three-game losing streak that saw the Jets playoff chances slip away. A losing streak that started when Ryan decided to take his team to a night out at Dave & Busters instead of getting ready for a football game.

Yet, Johnson feels everything is just dandy in Green and White land.

Johnson added that his decision on the head coach will  not be based solely on the win-lose record.

“It’s really the direction of the team and how we think the learning curve is going and whether the young people are absorbing it, and whether it’s a formula that can help you win,” Johnson said (N.Y.

In other words, it looks like and sounds like Ryan could be coming back next year. However what will Johnson be thinking three weeks from now? Does he reserve the right to suddenly change his mind? What if the Jets finish the season with another three game losing streak, or lose two of their final three games to finish at 7-9? 

The assumption was that Ryan had to make the playoffs this year just to have a shot at keeping his job. This time won't make the playoffs -- in fact they aren't even that good. 

The progress that Johnson is seeing is the complete opposite of what everyone else has seen. The fans have seen a disjointed, poorly coached football team, with little depth at the skills positions and busts at quarterback, and corner. 

Many believe that the Jets do not have a franchsie quarterback in Geno Smith. And they certainly didn't have one in Mark Sanchez either, which means they have to go back into the draft or free agency to find one. 

Ryan has defended the 2013 draft calling it the best ever in Jets history; a laughable statement considering, with the exception of Sheldon Richardson, the Jets 2013 draft picks have been pretty bad. Dee Milliner looks lost, Geno Smith is lost to name a few. 

Ryan has been blamed in the past for not having the pulse on his football team. He coddled Mark Sanchez until he lost the him mentally during the 2011 season. Sanchez went from promising prospect to bum under his watch. He has done the same thing with Smith, who is a lost puppy. 

Ryan has refused to immerse himself in the offense and once again the unit is one of the worst in the NFL, and, once again his decision to take the team out the night before the Buffalo game displayed poor judgement on his part. 

Not to mention, Ryan's prized defense is good, but, not exactly great. 

He hasn't changed his style, even though he isn't guaranteeing Super Bowl victories. 

And what are the fans to expect if Johnson gives the ok to a Rex Ryan return? Does that mean that a Mark Sanchez return is not too far off? Why not, since Sanchez is Ryan's boy -- it would only open up another ridiculous quarterback competition at camp between two horrific quarterbacks. 

While Johnson may like Ryan for his boastful personality he is no longer the people's choice at head coach. The fans have been leaving in droves. On Sunday the Jets played in front of a barely half full MetLife Stadium. So it isn't just Fireman Ed who has thrown the towel on this team. The fans have been growing inpatient for three years now. 

Most times I would applaud any owners decision to stick with the program for a couple more years. Right now, I can't do that. Change has to happen. Then again, Woody does reserve the right to change his mind in three weeks. 

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