Monday, January 13, 2014

Yankees Can Keep A-Rod from Spring Complex

Alex Rodriguez wants to come to Yankees Spring Training.

The question is will the Yankees let him?

According to the suspension levied by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz, Rodriguez could attend Spring Training, even though he is to be suspended for the entire 2014 season.

Now the Yankees have to act.

They could relegate him to the club's minor league facility, and, according to a report on ESPN, the Yankees could instruct their coaches to "ignore him" while he is "training" in the Yankees minor league complex. The Yankees would in essence be telling Rodriguez that they are not interested in him anymore.

The Yankees could also cut Rodriguez and end this circus entirely, even though they will have to pay Rodriguez $61 million just to go away.

For the interest of the ball club, the best decision for the Yankees is to find a way to prevent Rodriguez from coming to camp all together. Even if he is in the minor league facility, he is still present at camp, and the media circus will come with him. This will undoubtably create a negative and distracting atmosphere in camp something the players will not enjoy.

Rodriguez is typically selfish. He wants to come to camp just to prove a point that he is "innocent," when we all know just the opposite.

The Yankees could have their players talk Rodriguez out of coming to Spring Training, but that is just delaying the inevitable.

Maybe it is just time for the Yankees to cut ties. With the amount of money this team spends on free agents, $61 million to buy out Rodriguez is drop in the bucket for the Steinbrenner's. While, the Yankees are free to do their due diligence, cutting Rodriguez is the best solution to ALL of their problems.

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