Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Giants Ink Josh Freeman to back-up Eli Manning

The Giants have a new back-up plan in case they ever need to worry about the health of quarterback Eli Manning, after signing Josh Freeman to a 1-year deal.

Manning, who is going under the knife with ankle surgery that will likely keep sidelined until late June. However, Manning was beaten up last year by defensive fronts for many reasons, but the biggest culprit was the poor play from his running game and offensive line; the former Super Bowl MVP had everything, plus the kitchen sink dumped on him in 2013.

It only makes sense that the Giants go out and get a decent back-up, just in case.

So Big Blue went out and inked Freeman. Freeman, the former quarterback of the Buccaneers and Vikings is at a new stage in his career. He was much maligned last fall as a poor clubhouse leader and was jettisoned by the Buccaneers; however the popular opinion is that Freeman was having issues getting along with former Bucs coach Greg Schiano.

So, Freeman moved on to Minnesota at mid-season, and spent the rest of the year playing a game of musical chairs with the Vikings and their hairy quarterback situation.

To say the least, he was the best option available to the Giants at this time, and he is a definite upgrade from Curtis Painter, who has been the back-up to Manning. Expect Painter to get his walking papers.

Freeman's best season came in 2010 when he threw 25 touchdowns to six interceptions for the Bucs.

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