Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jason Kidd Officially New HC of Milwaukee Bucks

The Brooklyn Nets said good bye and good riddance to the major distraction that had become their now former head coach, Jason Kidd.

Kidd was finally sent packing to Milwaukee in exchange for two second round picks, one in 2015 and another in 2019. Not a bad exchange for a head coach who went through a rather odd first season on the bench after a Hall of Fame playing career.

Kidd proved one thing during this entire bizarre process: he's not a good man. Kidd tried everything he could to make a power play to take the rug out from underneath Nets GM Billy King, going as far as to ask owner Mikhail Prokhorov if he would promote him to General Manger with final say on all personnel matters.

Give Prokhorov credit, he didn't let Kidd's status as a HOF player and the best player in franchise history sway his decision making. He allowed his General Manager Billy King to make the move to move Kidd out of town in exchange for two minor future draft picks that may or may not result in a good player one day. But really, who cares?

The Nets are rid of the prima donna that is Jason Kidd. 

Kidd is the ultimate back stabber. From his days playing for the Nets when he tried to talk whine his way to the LA Lakers, and ultimately getting his wish in a trade to Dallas, to his back stabbing his old coach Lawrence Frank, months after he hired him as his top assistant, and now this.

All Jason Kidd has proven is that he craves power, and the more that he gets the happier he is. He got Byron Scott fired, got Frank demoted, and now got Larry Dew, the former Bucks coach fired as well. Talk about a walking case of collateral damage.

The Bucks better beware. Marc Lasry may be close to Jason Kidd, but the day will come when he will want to have more power in the Bucks organization, even if he hasn't earned it.

He more than certainly didn't earn a general manager's promotion after one mediocre season with the Nets.

His departure may be the best thing that will ever happen to the Brooklyn Nets.

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