Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jets Will Try to Slow to Down Rodgers and Pack

Jets @ Packers - 4:25 CBS 

After stumbling and bumbling their way to a 19-14 victory over the Raiders on Opening Day, the Jets are going to need their best effort on Sunday against the Packers. While Green Bay lost their opener to Seattle, they are still the Packers. They have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers, and when given the opportunity, have the best passing attack in the league. 

This is a tall task for a Jets secondary that is still beaten up by injuries and lack of depth. Dee Milliner will not start on Sunday, but might see some action on Sunday. That is little consultation. Milliner didn't light up the world last year, although he did play well the last couple games of the year. He has had a hard time getting on the field this year with a high ankle sprain, and chasing Packer receivers isn't exactly the right method of rehab. 

Antonio Allen and Darrin Walls who both played well against the Raiders will get the start against the Packers. Key world, they played well against ... THE RAIDERS!

Key Match-ups: Other than the Jets secondary against the Packers receivers, how the Jets front seven squares off with Rodgers and the Packer ground attack will play a huge roll in this game. The Packers ran the ball for only 80 yards last week, and Eddie Lacey is coming off a concussion. Not to mention Rodgers was sacked three times by the Seahawks front seven. 

The Jets take great pride in rushing the passer. We have seen this group make life miserable for Tom Bardy and Drew Brees last season; who's to say they can't put some heat on Rodgers in this one? 

Geno Smith vs. Geno Smith. That is not a typo. I actually mean it. Which Geno Smith decides to show up will decide whether this is even a contest come the fourth quarter. While Smith passed for a high completion percentage last week, he still made a ton of mistakes last week, including throwing a pick, fumbling twice and taking bad sacks.

While the Jets have convinced themselves that Smith is a franchise quarterback, the rest of us are still waiting for Smith to become that kind of player. So far he's been nothing short of average. If Smith has it in him to play a smart, clean football game this will be the opportune time to show it. Then again, it might be asking a lot, even if he's facing a bad Packers defense. 

What to expect: The Packers are going to come out of the tunnel fired up to open up their home schedule in grand style after a 36-16 thrashing on the road to Seattle. The Jets could match that intensity early, especially with their defensive front seven, but slowly Aaron Rodgers will make the big plays. 

Prediction: Packers 31, Jets 10. The Jets will jump out to a quick 3-0 lead, and never see the lead again after that. Aaron Rodgers will get enough time in the pocket as the game moves on, and will pick apart a leaky secondary. By the third quarter Green Bay will hold a 24-3 lead, en route to a fairly easy victory.

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