Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bills expect to play Jets in Buffalo despite snow

The city of Buffalo and upstate New York has seen enough snow to last a typical winter. Reports of five to six feet of snow have crippled the area, leaving residents stranded at home, people stuck on the road, and sadly have cost some individuals their lives.

It has not been a good time of things lately upstate, and certainly football is the last thing that should be on anyone's mind.

However, the Buffalo Bills do play a home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium this weekend against the New York Jets, kickoff at 1 p.m. The snow is supposed to continue to cripple the area at least two more days, and there is reason for concern whether the game will even be played on time.

As of right now the Bills expect to play the game on schedule at Ralph Wilson Stadium, however they are working with the league on this matter and those plans could change between now and Sunday. If they do, the game could get moved to Monday night.

There is precedent for this. Three years ago, the Minnesota Vikings were involved in a series of snow delaying events that moved a couple of their games around. First, the roof to the Metrodome caved in when the weight of the snow become too much for the structure; as a result the Vikings Sunday kick-off with the Giants was moved to Monday night in Detroit. Weeks later, the Vikings had another game postponed when the city of Philadelphia called a state of emergency in anticipation of a monster storm. That storm never came, but the game was still played on Tuesday night.

Obviously this is a much worse situation then those two examples. Moving the game to the Meadowlands is impossible, at least on Sunday, since the Giants host the Cowboys that same day. The game could be played at the Meadowlands on Monday if needed. The two teams could also move the game to Foxboro, Massachusetts, but the Patriots are also playing at home this weekend.

This is an ongoing story that will continue to develop. Reports are the snow has also affected the Bills practice schedule as nobody can even get out of their houses right now. Perhaps pushing the game back to Monday is the best thing for both squads right now.

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