Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jets Won't "Suck for Duck," Beat Titans

JETS 16 

Amidst a call from mostly media and some fans for the Jets to intentionally choke the rest of the way in order to draft Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, the Jets said "No" to sucking for the duck, and beat the Titans for their third win of the year.

In what had to be the ugliest, most boring and down right putrid football game ever played, the Jets managed to beat the Titans, because Tennessee was just worse than the Jets. Believe it or not this felt like a really, really dull baseball game as Tennessee held a 5-3 halftime lead thanks to a field goal and a safety.

Even the most boring affairs still find a way to provide some fireworks, especially in the form of a brawl. With the Titans up 8-3, Geno Smith actually hit a perfect pass to Eric Decker down the sideline for what would have been an 81-yard touchdown pass, Smith started taunting Tennessee defensive end Jurrell Casey. Casey wouldn't have any of it, and punched Smith in the jaw, sending both benches into a frenzy, as most of the Jets sideline ran to the defense of the quarterback. Ironically, the touchdown didn't even count because Decker stepped out of the bounds.

Nobody was ejected from the melee, but it was probably the lone highlight in a game between two terrible teams.

In the end, those hoping the Jets would lose for Mariota were greatly disappointed. Former Titan Chris Johnson gashed his old mates on a 37-yard run to the Tennessee four yard line to set the Jets up for the winning score, which Chris Ivory provided on a 1-yard run.

Even with a 16-11 lead, the Jets almost screwed it up when the Titans almost pulled out a 2014 version of the Music City Miracle, as Charlie Whithurst lateraled to Delanie Walker for 33 yards to the Jets nine yard line as time expired. The Jets held on -- barely. It was the first ever 16-11 decision in NFL history. Congrats NYJ.

Give some kudos to the Jets they didn't listen to the ridiculous calls to intentionally lose in order to get Mariota. The Jets problems run deeper than the quarterback position. For one this team has to address their coaching and front office issues before they address any player personnel problems. Not to mention, there was no guarantee the Jets would even get the guy, since Tampa Bay, who also has a quarterback problem would still draft in front of the Jets.

No one knows what kind of player Mariota will become. Many have raised issue with the fact that he is not a pure pocket passer as being his biggest weakness. But one thing is for sure, this is a franchise that has struck out twice on rookie quarterbacks in recent years, it is time for the Jets to build a foundation first before going for that "franchise" QB.

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