Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rex Ryan Cleans Out Office, Expect Jets to Fire Him

Rex Ryan knows the end is near. When word came down that Woody Johnson was prepared to bring in former Redskins GM Charley Casserly to fix the mess that both Ryan and John Idzik have left, Ryan seemed to get the message: pack your stuff.

That is exactly what Ryan did. reported that Ryan packed up all of his things in his old office in preparation of being fired shortly after the Jets-Dolphins game on Sunday. The report also said that Casserly has made contact with a number of candidates to replace both Ryan and Idzik.

So comes the end an era of both bravado and buffoonery. From empty Super Bowl guarantees, to Sanchez tatoos, footgate,  stubbornly relying on bad quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, the Ryan era is coming to an end. Yes, there were some good moments, like the two surprising runs to the AFC title game, but there was plenty of bad things that went on during the Ryan era. He had two good years at the start, four bad years at the end. He has to be fired.

Somehow he developed a cult following that feels Ryan is getting unjustly fired. Those morons need to be corrected. Ryan has had more lives than a cat. He survived the axe in 2012 after that season completely fell apart thanks to the Sanchez-Tim Tebow disaster. He even survived a playoff-less season in 2013, after Woody Johnson said he had to the make the playoffs or else. Ryan's firing is long overdue, and the Jets need a coach who isn't going to make the franchise a punchline on a nightly and weekly basis.

Let the changes begin for a franchise that, believe it or not, once had some pride a few years ago.

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