Thursday, January 1, 2015

Doug Marrone Quits Bills, Jets Want Him as Head Coach

Once again the Jets find a way to do something completely (pardon my French) ass backwards.

In a move that smells like tampering, the Jets are in the process of doing to their division foes, the Buffalo Bills, what the Patriots did to them 15 years ago. Only problem is the guy the Jets might be getting is not of the profile of Bill Belichick.

Doug Marrone is out as Buffalo Bills head coach, more accurately, he quit as Bills coach. With a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the franchise after it was purchased by Terry Pegula, Marrone decided to opt out of his contract. When Marrone signed his deal with Buffalo back in 2013 there was a stipulation in the deal that allowed him a window to opt out if there was a change in ownership. This week Marrone had a three-day window to do just that, and did so at the last minute. According to ESPN, Marrone was influenced to opt out when he couldn't get the extension he wanted beyond the two years left on his deal.

Now the rumors are flying that the Jets are the favorites to land him.

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