Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yankees Drop DH to O's, don't look ready for Wild Card Game


The Yankees are going to the playoffs -- err -- excuse me --- the wild card game. That is wonderful as it ends a two year playoff drought. That being said, New York is not going into the postseason with a head of steam, and certainly not with the momentum that Houston and Anaheim are carrying right now to that wild card date.

The Yankees lost three of four to the Red Sox during the week. On Saturday, the Bronx Bombers were swept in a double-header to the Baltimore Orioles. They were uncompetitive in Game 1, losing 9-2 behind Ivan Nova. The Yankees starting pitching has been woeful for much of the season, and it hasn't gotten any better.

Nova was the latest starter to get rocked, giving up five runs in five and two-thirds innings.  His record in the regular season is 6-11 with a 5.07 ERA.

Luis Severino started the second game of the double-header and pitched well, but with him pitching on Saturday, it will be hard to imagine him being ready to go on Tuesday IF they Yankees were to choose to go to him. He's been New York's most consistent starter down the stretch.

That being said the Yankees couldn't muster much offense for Severino. They managed to erase a 3-0 Baltimore lead, but couldn't get that go-ahead run across when they needed it. Baltimore eventually plated the winning run on a wild pitch in the eighth inning.

These losses are huge for New York. They haven't locked up home field advantage in the wild card game. There is a chance that if they lose on Sunday, and the Astros win, it will be Houston, not the Yankees who will host the Wild Card game on Tuesday.

That being said, it won't matter for Houston, or even Anaheim. Both teams are red hot. The Astros have won six of their last seven, while the Angels are 9-2 in their last 11 games, including erasing a 10-6 deficit on Saturday in the ninth inning against Texas. Both the Rangers and Astros have a chance to get the division title out west as well, as Texas looks poised to choke. The Yankees better hope Texas does and Houston wins the West. The Yankees would be better off with the Rangers who are cold as well.

Here is the scenario:

Yankees win, they get home field advantage on Tuesday.

Yankees lose, Astros win. Astros get home field.

Yankees win or lose, Astros win, and Rangers lose -- then the Yankees host the Rangers.

Yankees win or lose, Astros lose and Angels win, then the Yankees wait for Houston and Anaheim to play a one-game play in for the wild card game on Monday.

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