Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Terry Collins gets deserved 2-year extension from Mets

After leading the Mets to their first World Series in 15-years, the Mets front office rewarded their field manager, Terry Collins with a brand-spanking new 2-year extension that will take him through the 2017 season.

1) This is the right move by the Mets. Collins deserves to be the manager of this team. He guided the ball club through plenty of down years and adversity leading up to this miracle 2015 season. Nobody deserved to enjoy the fruits of a deep playoff run more than Collins, who for the most part, pushed all the right buttons during the months of August, September and October.

2) Is he on the hot seat? As soon as I opened the New York Post today the phrase hot seat was attached to Collins. First of all, yes, techinally speaking Collins is on the hot seat. If the Mets stumble out of the gate in 2016, or are playing poorly through the season's first three months, then the temperature will obviously increase on Collins to get the team moving by the next year's trade deadline.

That being said, let the man enjoy this. He deserves to return, and deserves the wiggle room a lot of head coaches/managers get after leading their ball club to the ultimate game and/or series.  If the Mets don't look good in 2016, as much as it will be Collins fault, it would also be the front office IF (and that is a big IF) they do very little to improve the team.

Collins has a record of 394-416 in five years at the helm of the Mets, and is 8-6 in playoff games. He is one of three candidates to get named NL Manager of the Year, along with Cardinals skipper Mike Matheny, and Cubs manager Joe Maddon. Collins was already named NL Manger of the Year by Sporting News.

In other news, Mets GM Sandy Alderson collapsed during a news conference to announce Collins' return. Word is Alderson skipped breakfast, which may have led to him feeling faint. Thankfully, the media helped the Mets executive to his feet and he was fine after being checked by the Mets medical staff. Hopefully he will be ok.

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