Monday, December 28, 2015

Giants Fail to Show Up in Minnesota, McAdoo Head Coach Rumors


There is not much to say about this game, in fact there is not much to say about the Giants, period.

The Giants got manhandled by a Minnesota Vikings team that had everything to play for. A playoff berth was a stake for the Vikes, and they got the W they needed in order to set up a dinner date with the Green Bay Packers for the division title next Sunday night.

The Giants? They played like they couldn't wait for the season to be over with. They couldn't do anything right. Their offense was nonexistent, with a horrific 1-for-11 on third downs, seven penalties and an ejection. Eli Manning was putrid, throwing three interceptions, including one by Harrison Smith who brought it back to the house for a 35-yard touchdown. He almost threw two Pick-6 interceptions, but Captain Munnerlyn was tackled at the Giants four yard line. Didn't matter, because Adrian Peterson finished it off with a score to make it 29-3 in the third quarter.

Minnesota never relented, even when the Giants did something positive, like the broken coverage on Ruben Randal's 72-yard touchdown reception from Manning, the Vikings responded in the form of two Jerick McKinnon touchdowns.

The 49 points allowed by the Giants on Sunday night was the second most points they have allowed all season. They gave up 52 to New Orleans back in November. In addition, the Giants became the first team in the Super Bowl era to go four straight years without a playoff appearance after a Super Bowl win. Great job Big Blue.

Changes are coming soon to the Meadowlands, and it may not be a good thing either. According to CBS Sports, Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo could be the next head coach of the Giants.

McAdoo has clicked with franchise quarterback Eli Manning, and the offense has kept the team competitive despite issues with the offensive line and at running back. McAdoo interviewed for the Browns' head-coaching position two years ago and did well in the process, sources said, though it was thought he still needed more seasoning at the time. Two years in the cauldron that is New York has further prepared him, and the Giants have a long history of promoting from within and maintaining a continuum of staff and philosophy. Furthermore, McAdoo has a strong relationship with Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who has lacked the talent to run his schemes effectively this season in his return to New York. Those two would form an appealing tandem to Giants' brass, with a tradition of sticking within the organization a hallmark of the franchise.The report cites McAdoo's "strong" relationship with Eli Manning, and the belief he had the offense "clicking."

 I find that hard to believe considering the Giants got their doors blown-off without Odell Beckham in the lineup. McAdoo would be a huge mistake for the Giants to promote as head coach. He's too young, and has shown no innovation as offensive coordinator of this franchise.

The Giants should go out of the organization and find a coach. My choice for Big Blue: Sean Payton. Yes, while Bounty Gate was a big stain on Payton's career, he won big in New Orleans and turned that franchise into a prominent football team. Remember when Payton first got to New Orleans there was talk of moving the franchise out of Louisiana, and that was even before Hurricane Katrina. Payton was the Giants OC back in the late 90s and early 00's and was much more innovative in that role than McAdoo has been. Payton would be the wise and right choice for the Giants.

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