Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Twitter is Wrong! Odell Beckham Suspension Upheld

This is why I hate Twitter. Ok, I like Twitter, but I also hate for moments like this. Around 2:30 this afternoon former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes tweeted out that Odell Beckham Jr.'s suspension would be overturned. About an hour or so later, ESPN's Ron Jaworski said that he found out from a source in NYC that Beckham will not be suspended. Of course Jaworski has since taken that Tweet down.

Beckham's suspension will be upheld. He will remain suspended and will not play on Sunday night in Minnesota, a game that might be meaningless to the Giants, who could be eliminated before the game ever takes place. If the Redskins beat the Eagles on Saturday, then Washington will have won the NFC East. 

This display by both Tynes and Jaworski is journalism at its worst. Someone starts a rumor on Twitter and it catches fire. Both should be ashamed of themselves. In fact, anyone who bought into this garbage should be ashamed of themselves. 

As for Beckham, he is getting what he deserves. While the Carolina Panthers are very much culpable in the matter, and Josh Norman and Marcus Ball should also be suspended for their roles in the incident, there is no room for Beckham's antics. Punching, wrestling and launching oneself into another player is unwarranted in the NFL. This is not WWE, but on Sunday at MetLife Stadium it felt like Wrestlemania made its way to the gridiron for a Christmas special. 

Good job by the League, and James Thrash for upholding this penalty. Beckham needs to accept this and grow up. 

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