Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tom Coughlin Will Not Coach Eagles

Early Thursday morning there were reports that former Giants coach Tom Coughlin was set to join the Eagles as their new head coach. That has now changed. At age 70, the idea of Coughlin switching to the NFC East rivals was a bizarre twist in a bizarre 24 hours that saw the Giants name Ben McAdoo head coach in order to keep him away from Philadelphia.

Coughlin had interviewed with Philadelphia, and it was reported that there was a mutual interest. What changed between this morning and afternoon is anyone's guess, but Coughlin has pulled out of the running.

Joining the Eagles would have been a daunting task. Not only is the city as unforgiving as New York, but the Eagles do not have a quarterback in place, and have plenty of questions on both sides of the ball. Had Coughlin taken the job, there is no telling how long he would stay in that post. Two years? Three years? Regardless, it wouldn't have been very long.

Both sides are fortunate that this marriage will not happen. For Giants fans this is music to the ears that their old head coach will not join the enemy after all.

Coughlin was also rumored to be a candidate for the San Francisco 49ers job, but he pulled out of that as well. Shortly after that story broke, word came from San Fran that the Niners hired former Eagles coach Chip Kelly to be their HC.

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