Friday, October 21, 2016

Geno Smith Named Jets Starting Quarterback

Oh, goodie Jets fans! Geno Smith is back under center for the miserable New York Jets, starting this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

Smith was named the Jets starting quarterback after wishy-washy head coach Toddy Bowles back tracked from comments he made following the Monday Night meltdown in Arizona. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who threw yet another pick, deserved to be benched, but Smith is not going to be a tonic the Jets need.

Many have already pointed out that the decision by Bowles looks like it has Woody Johnson's fingerprints all over it. It was reported before the game on Monday that Johnson was displeased greatly with the Jets performance this season; understandable for team that is 1-5. Perhaps Johnson had a say, or maybe someone underneath him had a say on the Jets quarterback situation.

On one hand the decision had to be made to bench Fitzpatrick. The Jets rank 26th in the NFL in total offense and dead last in the league in points per game with 15.5. On top of that Fitzpatrick has a QBR of 30, and 11 picks to just five touchdowns. His drive killing interception in the end zone against the Cardinals was an absolute backbreaker.

With that being said, Geno Smith will not rescue this sinking ship. He is a stop gap for either Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg or both at some point down the road. Smith has really nothing to prove to the Jets. The trade deadline is coming on November 1, but two games certainly will not be enough to convince someone to take Geno off the Jets' hands.

For one, there is too much baggage there. From the clash with IK Enemkpali last season that cost Smith the starting job in the first place, to his continued lack of professionalism and maturity, no one in their right mind would give this guy a chance ... unless you are the Jets, of course.

Chances are Bowles will have Geno Smith on a very short leash. If he plays poorly, Petty will be in under center. Keep in mind that Petty just recently returned from the disabled list after dealing with a shore shoulder that he injured in the preseason. Petty played well this summer, and were it not for the injury, he could have supplanted Smith as the back-up to Fitzpatrick.

Either way, the Jets season is over. Their chances at the postseason went by the wayside weeks ago when they got smacked around in Pittsburgh.

The Jets can delude themselves all they want that they are still trying to contend by putting Geno Smith in action, but at the end of the day the Bryce Petty era (for better or for worse) is on the horizon.

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