Friday, December 30, 2016

Coughlin Not Heading to Jaguars

Tom Coughlin will not be the next head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. For Coughlin's sake, thank goodness!

Coughlin and the Jaguars met this week, but neither side found the necessary chemistry and will move on. The Jaguars are looking for a coach to replace Gus Bradley. Coughlin is still deluding himself in thinking that at 71, he can still be a productive head coach.

The Buffalo Bills are also interested in Coughlin.

For Coughlin it is a good think that he is not heading back to Jacksonville. As I said, he's 71-years old, and is too old to coach in a league that doesn't employ 70+ year-olds as head coaches. The Jaguars need a young voice that can handle the slings and arrows of a rebuild.

If Coughlin were to coach again, he would need to be on a team that is ready to win NOW!

Truth be told, the best situation for Coughlin at this point in his life and career is to be home and accept retirement. He had a great career as a coach both in the NFL and in college. He made the Jaguars legit back in the 90s. He won Super Bowls with the Giants. He has nothing to prove. His place in NFL history is secure. Just ride into the sunset Tom, you did great in the NFL.

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