Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jets blown out by Dolphins, Petty gets decked


Another home game, another blowout of the Jets. Believe it or not for one half of football the Jets were actually playing well, and had a chance to win this game, trailing only 13-10 at the break. Then Dolphins back-up quarterback Matt Moore turned into Dan Marino when he lit up the Jets putrid secondary for three touchdowns in the third quarter and the Dolphins waltzed to their ninth win of the year.

Bryce Petty looked pretty good on Saturday: For once the Jets problems last night had nothing to do with the play of the quarterback. Let's call that progress. For the most part, Bryce Petty looked pretty good under center for the J
ets on Saturday night. He had nice touch on many of his deep throws, and early on was doing a nice job withstanding the Dolphins heavy blitz. He lead the Jets to a game opening touchdown drive on a 40-yard completion to Robbie Anderson. Think about this with a horrible offensive line, he was still able to complete 20 of 36 for 235 yards and a score.

At the same time, Petty made a lot of young quarterback mistakes. He held the ball too long too often, and got drilled when doing so. The costly strip sack he took from Cameron Wake was a huge turning point in the ball game. Later in the first half, Petty threw a costly interception right into the hands of Wake. Petty didn't even see Wake in coverage.  While Petty looked good at times, overall it was an uneven performance.

The Jets offensive line is horrible: The Jets offensive line was absolutely ravaged by the Dolphins. The combination of Ndamukong Shu and Cameron Wake dominated the line of scrimmage blowing away the Jets makeshift lineman. Overall, Miami recorded eight quarterback hits, eight tackles for a loss, seven passes defensed and three sacks. The Jets, who have been without center Nick Mangold for much of the season were totally exposed by Miami. Worse of all, they nearly got Petty killed when he was sandwiched between Shu and Wake on a quarterback pressure. Petty was spun into the air by both defenders and fell on his ribs. He left the game and never returned. Obviously offensive line is a huge need for the Jets in 2017.

Bilal Powell should have been the starting tailback all year: I've said for a long time, Bilal Powell can play in this league. On Saturday, he dominated with 162 total yards against the Dolphins. He recorded 84 yards on the ground and 78 yards through the air. The guy has tremendous speed and the Dolphins couldn't keep up with him. With Matt Forte regulated to back-up duty, Powell is the Jets starting tailback from here on out. Give that man a new contract.

The Jets defense once again stunk up the show: The Jets defense, specifically the secondary, was once again the culprit for the Jets. Nobody had an answer for Matt Moore who threw for 236 yards and four touchdowns in his first start in five years. In fact, Moore became the first Dolphins quarterback to throw for four scores in a game against the Jets since Dan Marino (no shock there). The secondary showed no effort. They were getting beat all over the field, and made no attempt to keep pace with the Dolphins receivers. This was an embarrassing effort, and it falls on head coach Todd Bowles, who prides himself on coaching secondary play.

Todd Bowles on the hot seat...again: A week ago, it looked like Todd Bowles hot seat had cooled off. Woody Johnson said he planed to keep both Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan and the Jets beat the 49ers. Then came last night. Bowles took the blame last night, saying, "It's on me. I did a terrible job getting these guys ready to play." He sounded like a man resigned to his fate. Perhaps Bowles was trying to make a statement about his coaching staff, but if Woody Johnson changes his mind in two weeks, Bowles won't get a chance to change anything about his coaching strategy.

What's Next: The Jets visit the Patriots next week. That is all that needs to be said. Yeah, 4-11 here we come.

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