Friday, February 17, 2017

Darrelle Revis Charged With Assault, Robbery in Pittsburgh

If 2016 wasn't a bad enough year for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, 2017 is not looking much better.

Revis was charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor after his involvement in an altercations with two men in Pittsburgh last week. The report was broken last night. According to reports two men were left unconscious, and the Jets star has been charged by police for two felony counts of aggravated assault, one felony count each of robbery and conspiracy, and a misdemeanor count of terroristic threats.

The police report said that two men, Dallas Cousins, 22 and Zach Jarvis, 21, were following Revis, and one of the men was recording Revis on his cell phone. Revis turned and grabbed the phone and tried to delete the video. Jarvis tried to get the phone back, but Revis tossed the phone into the road. Revis got into a verbal fight with the two young men, before both ended up on the ground. According to Rich Cimini, a witness, named Nathan Watt, told police that Revis threatened him. 

Watt quoted Revis as saying, "I got more guys coming." The complaint added that Revis "stepped within a foot of his face with an aggressive demeanor on his face, fists clenched, and stated, 'Do you want to be next?'" (Cimini ESPN). 

Cousins and Jarvis ended up in the hospital, and one of them was diagnosed with an orbital floor fracture. 

Revis and his attorney Blaine Jones are painting the picture that Revis was the one assaulted. 

"The attorney said Revis was shoved by one of the men and attempted to walk away. The man who pushed Revis, he said, yelled at him. At that point, Revis knocked the cellphone out of the man's hand, according to Jones.

"It's my understanding that when Darrelle turned around, he wasn't sure whether it was a weapon or a phone," Jones told reporters. "He didn't know. He just knows he left, these guys were saying his name, he turns around and sees an object, and he wasn't sure what it was or whether he was going to get robbed or assaulted or what.
"He feared for his safety.'" (Cimini, ESPN).

Furthermore, there is now a development that Revis may turn himself in to authorities.

If Revis is found guilty of this crime, and if he did aggregate assault, it will be fascinating to see how the NFL handles this. The NFL has been known to botch domestic dispute cases with reckless abandon, and we all know how the league screwed the pooch on Deflategate. This is a bad look for Revis, and in turn the NFL. The NFL has to come down hard on Revis in this situation. Whether it be 4 games, 8 games, or even 10 games, Revis must be suspended by the NFL, if this is all true.

Likewise, what will the Jets do? This is a team that has been long rumored to be interested in cutting Revis next month when free agency begins. He is set to make $15.3 million next season, and there is no way the Jets were going to pay him that money. Once they are presented with all the fact, they have to make a decision on Revis pretty swiftly. Either way, his days in green and white are likely numbered.

If the poor play wasn't enough of an indictment on Revis last season, this incident truly is. The Jets have to make a move and say good bye to Revis. He was a solid player for this team, but an all time player he was not, and all time person, he never was, and never will be. Cut the cord Jets, and move on.

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