Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mets GM Sandy Alderson Admits Tebow is all P.R.

It would figure that on anniversary of Bobby Bonilla's ridiculous deferred money contract with the New York Mets, a story would come out that could put Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson squarely on the hot seat.

Earlier this week the Mets promoted Tim Tebow from Class-A Charleston to High-A St. Lucie after hitting a measly .222. Alderson even admitted that Tebow wasn't exactly "tearing up the league," at the time of the promotion.

We knew all along that the Tebow's stay with Mets has been a ruse, a public relations stunt meant only to sell tickets and jerseys. That was it.

On Friday, Alderson admitted it, in a series of statements that were first published in Newsday, and later on

"The guy we sent to see him in California did not exactly send back a glowing report. I knew immediately he would not want his name as the signing scout. Ultimately, the guy we put down was the Director of Merchandising.

"Look we signed him because he's a good guy, partly because of his celebrity, partly because this is the entertainment business. My attitude was 'why not?'" 

Remember the scene in "Spaceballs" when Mel Brooks' Yogurt was talking about "merchandising, merchandising, merchandising." I guess Sandy Alderson is the Mets' Yogurt. Maybe we'll get Tim Tebow the Lunch Box and Tim Tebow the Flame Thrower mixed in?

If this was Alderson's way of cracking a joke about the situation, it falls flat and makes him and the Mets front office look small. The Mets focus should be about finding the best young talent available to sign to minor league contracts, and move those players up through the system.

While Tebow doesn't systematically destroy that dichotomy, he isn't helping it either. The Mets have players down on Class-A Charleston who were more deserving of a promotion than Tebow. And if New York decides to move Tebow up even higher this season, it will be at the chagrin of another young guy down in St. Lucie.

It doesn't matter that Tebow homered in his first game with the St. Lucie Mets. Overall, he is still hitting around .231 in the minors. He should have been released a long time ago, but the Mets and Alderson continue to prop the man up in order to sell as many tickets as possible.

I feel bad for the kids down on the farm. I feel bad for the coaches who have to play Tebow. And I feel bad for Tebow himself, who has become a mascot.

Alderson and the Mets should stay focused on turning things around at the major league level, because stuff like this should drive the fans nuts.

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