Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open Mike NFL Preview

 In the first hour of Open Mike from August 29, 2012, host Michael Cohen previews the AFC with Warning Track Host Karen VanKat. The duo discuss the complications that are coming to a head for the New York Jets, as well as where they stack up in the AFC East. Is the AFC a cake walk for New England and Houston? 

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In the second hour of the Open Mike NFL Preview speical, Michael is joined by both Sean Bretherick and Karen Vankat to discuss everything NFC.

Do the Giants have what it takes to get back to the Super Bowl? Can the Eagles finally become the Dream Team? And will RGIII have a major impact for the Redskins this year? Mike and Sean also debate how the NFC North combo of Green Bay, Detroit and Chicago could go a long way in determining who wins the NFC title.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong Banned From Cycling For Life

It's not often that professional cycling takes the headlines, but this is a case where steroid use destroyed a reputation and career.

Lance Armstrong, who won seven Tour De France titles from 1999 to 2005, has been stripped of all seven titles and will be banned from cycling for life after the US Anti-Doping Agency came to the conclusion that Armstrong was guilty of steroid use during his career.

Armstrong inspired millions of people over the last decade, overcoming cancer to become one of the winningest cyclists of all time. His LiveStrong Foundation became a symbol of American culture; a lot of people walked around proudly wearing Armstrong's signature yellow wristbands.

Despite all this, Armstrong admitted late Thursday that he was sick and tired of the investigation that began in 2011 and remarked, "There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, 'Enough is enough.' For me, that time is now."  In a statement sent to The Associated Press, he called the USADA investigation an "unconstitutional witch hunt."

"I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999," he said. "The toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today -- finished with this nonsense."

The USADA took this statement as an admission of guilt.

If Armstrong is indeed guilty, and if by dropping his defense in the case is an admission of guilt, this is a nonpareil example of how cheating can destroy a career and reputation.

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and many others watched their reputations and Hall of Fame credentials fall by the wayside after they were tagged with steroids. While Clemens was found not guilty of perjury, the court of public opinion says that the Rocket is guilty. It goes to show you no matter what, a cheater is, and will always be, viewed as cheating.

Armstrong is different from one standpoint; he never had a bad public image; he never came across as pompous, arrogant or hateful.

He was like the rest of us -- a guy who beat the odds; however, he beat the odds while cheating his sport, and, ultimately, himself. 

Jets Bench Struggling Tackle Wayne Hunter

The Jets have had their fill of right tackle Wayne Hunter. Rex Ryan officially benched the bumbling tackle, and he will now serve as back-up to Austin Howard.

Hunter, who came off a horrible year at right tackle in 2011, has done nothing to squelch speculation that his job security was in jeopardy after playing horribly this pre-season. The Jets gave up seven sacks last week, and a few of them were Hunter's fault.

Howard is very young, 25. He was signed off the Baltimore Ravens practice squad last season and has played in only four NFL games when he was a member of the Eagles.

If Howard struggles at right tackle this week when the Jets play host to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, then the Jets will have no choice but to look outside the organization for help.

The only saving grace for Gang Green is that training camp is coming to a close and the team will be cutting players. There is a chance that a tackle could end up on the market, but how good that player will be is anyone's guess?  NFL teams will never release a solid tackle, even if he is not a starter; teams worry about depth at this point in the season.

The Jets lack depth on the O-line, especially at tackle. They never addressed this issue in the draft and tried to trade for Jeff Otah, who played in only four NFL games in four seasons in Carolina because of health issues. Otah failed his physical with the Jets, negating the trade.

If Howard doesn't work out, the Jets could also go back to Hunter, or they could ask Vlad Duccase or Matt Slausen to try the tackle position. This is going to get mighty interesting.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bayless Claim That Jeter Uses Roids Comes With Asterisk

ESPN's Skip Bayless has often been known as the most hated journalist in America for his over-the-top commentary and seemingly ridiculous claims. Bayless appears to feed off of this kind of negativity; he apparently enjoys being the lightning rod for criticism amongst sports fans everywhere, even if he is completely wrong. He lives off the hard edge.

That extreme took a new turn on Wednesday, when Bayless said on ESPN's "First Take" that Derek Jeter must be using steroids, or he wouldn't be hitting .320 with 13 home runs.

The claim drew anger out of his "First Take" partner and ESPN NY radio host, Stephen A. Smith, who chastised Bayless for the claims.

Watch here. 

While the argument between Bayless and Smith appears staged, and it is clear that they are doing this for entertainment purposes, the claims, while interesting, are probably false.

Bayless feels that Jeter must be using 'roids to up his performance after he struggled offensively leading up to the 2012 season. Like most athletes, i.e. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, et al., Jeter presumably used 'roids in order to prevent the aging process.

The claim is a bit nutty since Jeter has never shown signs of getting larger; his musculature has not grown to the size of Popeye the Sailorman, nor has he become a monstrous power hitter.

Jeter's home run total has only increased from 6 last year to 13 this season. Jeter has always been a 10-15 home run player; moreover, it is not as if he hasn't hit 20 homers before; Jeter has done it three times in his career and hit 18 homers as recently as 2009. He has always been a .300 hitter, and steroids does nothing to improve a hitter's hand/eye co-ordination when it comes to swinging a bat.

Keep in mind, Jeter was injured during the 2011 season, playing in only 131 games, which is the lowest total of his career since his rookie year of 1995 when he played in 15 games. This is his first season healthy since the Yankees won a World Series in 2009. That year, Jeter hit .334 with 18 homers and 66 RBI and was an MVP candidate, just like he is this year.

The fact that Bayless makes these claims without full support or research is silly, and the tactic screams of "cry wolf" exaggeration.

Jeter's response was ever so slight, yet classy, when he said, "Maybe Skip should get tested" when he heard about the on-air discussion.

Bayless invoked Jeter's name in the same sentence as Melky Cabrera who was found guilty of using synthetic testosterone to up his baseball performance to an unlikely All-Star level. Bayless feels, and he is correct about this with regard to the state of the game, that players have found ways to fudge the system masking steroids with other substances.

The only point that Bayless makes with any credibility is that Jeter might have considered using steroids since it helps players play longer. That might be true; however, there is no proof. Nothing. Thew charge just fills air time for Smith and Bayless to scream at each other.

As O.J. Simpson's attorney once said: "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit."
This incident represents another sad commentary on what has become of the journalism profession: claims and opinions are floated without any substantive reserach or facts to back them up. They are just empty assertions; keeping Bayless on air and giving him a platform to vent week in and week out is the real problem with what passes for journalism today. It behooves Mr. Bayless to paraphrase the remark made during the McCarthy hearing: "Mr. Bayless, have you no shame?"

Open Mike 08-22-12 Jets Woes & Derek Jeter vs. Skip Bayless

In a wild and woolly first hour of Open Mike from August 22, Michael Cohen and Dan Feuerstein break down the Jets training camp and pre-season woes. The two "Jets fans" rip apart everything from the Jets offensive line to the quarterback situation, to the wide receivers, and even beg the question: who will get fired if the 2012 season is a nightmare for Gang Green?

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In the second hour of Open Mike, Michael Cohen and Dan Feuerstein are joined over the phone lines by Karen VanKat to get the lowdown on the Yankees, and the latest controversy over ESPN's Skip Bayless' assertion that Derek Jeter used Steroids.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jets Embarrassed by Giants in Preseason Clash


One awful performance in the first pre-season game is one thing; a second woeful display for the second consecutive week represents a trend.

That is the reality of life for the New York Jets since they played an inept football game against a World Champion Giants team that looked leaps and bounds better than they; Big Blue ran Gang Green out of the building 26-3 in their annual pre-season clash.

The Jets offense was totally anemic. It didn't matter if the quarterback was Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow; neither could get this offense to move the football with any consistency.  Even when the Jets did something right, it was plain ugly, such as Josh Brown's field goal which hit the crossbar before falling in for the Jets only game three points, kind of like a gift from the football gods.

While Sanchez completed 9-of-11 passes, it was far from spectacular. He dinked and dunked his way to a mediocre outing against a ferocious Giants defense. A lot of his passes would have been incompletions had it not been for some solid grabs by the Jets no-name receivers.

Sanchez was even sacked three times in the game, two of which were his fault for holding the ball a scoche too long when he should have gotten rid of it. The other was the fault of embattled right tackle Wayne Hunter, who was badly beaten off the edge by Jason Pierre-Paul, who, in turn, enjoyed a field day with two sacks.

Overall, the offensive line was once again offensive for the Jets and did Sanchez no favors.

It wasn't like the Jets had their chances. The Giants let Gang Green stay in the game. Leading 6-0, Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw an ill-advised pass up for grabs that was picked off by LeRon Landry. What did the Jets proceed to do? Nada, nothing. They couldn't move the football at all, turning the ball over on downs.

After the Giants once again failed to move the football, the Jets finally got the ball into Giants territory, and Sanchez channeled his inner 2011-self, throwing an interception directly into the hands of Giants rookie Jayron Hosley, who went coast-to-coast for a 77-yard touchdown, giving the Giants a 13-0 lead.

 As for Tebow, he wasn't any better. He completed his first three passes and moved the Jets into field goal range, but when he had a guy wide open in the end zone, he was unable to muscle the ball down field for what would have been an easy touchdown.

Soon, the Giants D swarmed all over Tebow, sacking him four times, and making him look quite pedestrian. For a guy who is going to be the Jets back-up quarterback, he left few people confident he could get it done if Sanchez stinks it up or is injured during the regular season. 

As for Big Blue, the Jets game was a coming out party for this defense. A group that lost tremendous depth at defensive tackle with the loss of Shaun Rodgers, among others, to injury, they responded with reckless abandon. They punished a Jets offensive line that is clearly one of the worst in the NFL with six sacks between the two Jets quarterbacks. They held the Gang to only 65 yards rushing and never let the Jets test them down the field with long passes.

Offensively, it was a mixed bag. While Eli Manning and Victor Cruz carved up the Jets for 51 yards, there was not much to write home about. The Giants starting unit failed on multiple occasions to put the dagger deep into the hearts of the Jets. They struggled in the running game; David Wilson led the team with a measly 26 yards.

Even Manning wasn't great, completing only 50% of his passes, including an ill-timed pick. That said, nobody expects Big Blue to suddenly become a bloodless offense this year. There is much talent, and when they put it together, the Giants is one of the NFL's top offenses.

However, it is the play of the Jets offense that is the biggest concern coming out of this game. This is a team that has shown no pulse through eight quarters of pre-season football. They have managed only 9 points, all field goals, and both Sanchez and Tebow have failed to move the football this summer.

With only one real dress rehearsal left before opening day, the Jets confront crunch time. If the Jets offense looks this bad against the Panthers next Sunday, the questions about the quarterbacks, the running game and the O-line become that much more critical. The Jets have one week to answer the question before the real season begins.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Open Mike 08-15, David Wright contract & Jets vs. Giants

Months ago, Mets third baseman David Wright said that he wanted to remain a member of the New York Mets. He took a complete 180 on those coments, by telling the New York Post that he wants to win and win immediately. What does this mean for the Mets chances to keep thier lone star? Michael Cohen, and Eric Brennan (making a special guest apperance) analyze this in hour one of Open Mike.

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In hour two of the Open Mike program, host Michael Cohen welcomes in James Flippin of the Turnpike Throwdown, excutive producer of, and a finalist for the Sports Radio 66 WFAN Fantasy Phenom contest. Cohen and Flippin discuss the latest coming out of both Jets and Giants training camp. Listen on Posterous

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sanchez and Tebow Struggle A Bad Sign For Jets O

Forget that the Bengals won 17-6.

Because the most important facts that come out of the Jets preseason opener against the Bengals is that this New York offense has a ways to go.

The Jets offensive line that was such a huge problem last season, looked like it was back to its old tricks. On the first play from scimmage, the Bengals burst through the lane, pressured Mark Sanchez and brought him down for the sack.

Sanchez was sacked twice, and roughed three times during the game. While the O-line was bad, Sanchez wasn't great either. He dinked and dunked his way to 21 yards and never converted a first down. On three third down plays he threw two incompletions and had another pass caught well short of the marker.

In short, Sanchez was pedestrian.

As for Tim Tebow, the much ballyhooed addition to the Jets roster, was impressive in his four series as the Jets quarterback. While he didn't blow anyone away with his arm, and threw an interception, he made the plays when they needed to be made.

On his first play from scrimmage, Tebow zipped a 12 yard slant to Stephen Hill, then on third and eight he avoided the sack and ran for 14 yards and first down. Tebow's solid first drive as a Jets resulted in a Jets field goal.

While it wasn't a large sample, Tebow showed that he can be a big playmaker for the Jets. But, he still needs to develop as a passer, if New York is going to take him seriously as a starter.

As for Sanchez and the starting unit, to be fair the sample size was small, but nobody can be happy with what they saw. The problems that held down New York last year is still apparent. The Jets running attack was nowhere to be found and the line did a horrid job in protection. If the Jets don't improve in these two areas, it won't matter who the starting quarterback will be.

The Jets have plenty to work on, as they get ready for Big Blue on Saturday.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Open Mike 08-08-12 Jets Fight Club & Yankees

Sure the Yankees have suddenly won two in a row against Detroit, but that didn't stop host Michael Cohen and special guest co-host Dan Feuerstien from looking at the issues that have plauged the Bronx Bombers over the past month in this first hour of Open Mike.

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In hour two of the Open Mike Program, Michael Cohen and Dan Feuerstein dig into the Jets Fight Club fiasco, as four seperate fights broke out during Jets camp this week. Has Rex Ryan lost complete control of this team? What will come of the Tebow/Sanchez battle when the pre-season starts?

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Jets vs. Bengals: Sanchez/Tebow Battle Begins

Let the mayhem begin for Gang Green.

No team finds more ways to become more and more polarizing than the New York Jets. After a disaster of a season in 2011, the Jets followed that up with an off-season that left everyone scratching their heads to the point of baldness.

After failing to land Peyton Manning, the Jets quickly, and awkwardly gave Mark Sanchez a five-year contract extension; an extension that was beyond uncalled for for a quarterback who came off the most miserable season of his brief career.

Then, the Jets decided to pull a 180 and traded for Tim Tebow, after Manning signed on with Denver.

Since that time, it has been absolute bedlam. Media attention galore has swarmed the Jets throughout the off-season and training camp, as everyone watches each and every move Tebow and Sanchez make. There has even been daily updates on how they have played in practice.

Some days they have looked good, i.e. Tebow's 60-yard TD pass, and his three touchdowns in the wild cat. Some days not so much, i.e. Sanchez and Tebow both going 1-for-7 during 7-on-7 drills.

Still, the common opinion coming out of Jets camp is that Sanchez is the clear cut starter. He has put on muscle and has looked more crisp than Tebow. Than again keep in mind you are comparing a 50 % passer in Sanchez, to a 40% passer in Tebow. Truth is both have a lot to prove this season.

What to look for: Snaps for Sanchez and Tebow. Everyone will go nuts over how many snaps the two QB's will get in Frirday's pre-season opener in Cincinnati. Fact is, Tebow will get more snaps since he is the back-up. Sanchez will start, and play only a quarter.  If he should struggle against the Bengals, rumblings will start, trust me.

Tony Sparano's new offense: Sparano comes from Miami and has installed an even more conservative offense than what was previously installed by the disposed Brian Schottenheimer. Look for Tebow to run the wild cat a few times during the Bengals game.

Will Tebow come in for Sanchez in a red zone situation? That is the big question. Will the Jets pull Sanchez out of a game, even if the Jets are on the one-yard line in order to have Tebow run the wild cat? Everyone will be waiting for this to happen. Will it happen Friday? Probably not.

Will Tebow play special teams? The Jets will give this a shot in the pre-season. That is why there is a pre-season. The Jets will try to insert Tebow as an up-man on punts; however once he gets his clock cleaned on punt coverage, I am sure this ridiculous experiment will come to a swift conclusion.

Oh, there are other battles than QB, kicker for example: The Jets incumbent Nick Folk has been a nightmare for Gang Green for three years now and finally, FINALLY, the Jets bring in some competition in the form of Josh Brown. If the Jets are smart, they would hand Brown the job, and give Folk a one way ticket to Palukaville. 

 Wide Receiver: If Antonio Cromartie is right, than the Jets are in big trouble. New York has only one legit receiver in Santonio Holmes, and a bunch of question marks in Stephen Hill, Chazz Schillens and Patrick Turner. This could get interesting.

Offensive Line: The weakest link of this Jets team. Vlad Duccase, Matt Slausen and Wayne Hunter are all on alert. All three were responsible for creating the worst offensive line in football last season. The chance for redemption starts Friday.

Pass rush: Can the Jets get a decent pass rush going for once? Aaron Maybin, who led the team in sacks last year got most of his sacks against his former employer, the Buffalo Bills (talk about motivation) and didn't do much the rest of the season. The Jets don't have a legit pass rusher, that is why they drafted Quentin Copples with their first pick in April's rookie draft. Copples has a reputation as a lazy player-creating haunting comparisons to one infamous Vernon Gholston.

Chemistry: The Jets have chemistry issues. Last year Santonio Holmes couldn't get on the same page with Sanchez and Schottenheimer creating a toxic locker room. Holmes is back at this year creating more trouble by throwing both Sanchez and Tebow under the bus before camp started.

Then, corner back Antonio Cromartie said he was the second best wide out, throwing the Jets receivers under the proverbial bus. There were also four separate fights that broke out in Jets camp over the past week forcing Ryan to discipline the team with wind sprints. Oh, then he took them to see The Dark Knight Rises. Is Rex Ryan losing control of his team?

Prediction: It's the Bengals, so one would think that the Jets should win. Plus, Andy Dalton is not playing the entire game -- if he was, I would pick Cincy. Jets 27, Bengals 17.

Giants vs. Jaguars Preview: Champs Open Preseason

Six months ago the New York Giants hoisted the Lombardi trophy for the second time in five seasons, after beating the Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI. A run that mirrored the Giants 2007 season, which saw them upset those same Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, has turned out to be a huge feather in the cap for Giants coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning.

A year ago at this time, Manning came out and said he was an elite quarterback in the class of his brother, Peyton, and Tom Brady. People scuffed, but not anymore.

As late as week 16, fans were grumbling for Coughlin's job -- not anymore.

Yet, unlike 2008, when the Giants rode the coattails of their Super Bowl title from the previous year to a 12-4 finish and ultimately a collapse in the divisional playoffs against the Eagles; this year's version is focused on the here and now.

While most of the attention this summer has been on all of the distractions for the Jets, the Giants have gone about their business this summer, quietly. The only issue in camp has been the loss of Terrell Thomas to an ACL injury, but considering Thomas missed all of last year with a similar injury. In short, Big Blue will survive.

On Friday, the Giants will play their first game since the Super Bowl, when the head to Jacksonville to take on a rebuilding Jaguars team in Coughlin's old stomping grounds.

What to Look For: Don't blink because if you do, you will miss Manning and the first string offense. With the exception of Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs, the Giants return largely the same group with Victor Cruz, Ahmad Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks to see most of the snaps with the first team.

Defensively, the Giants return the same group, full of depth in the front seven. Look for this group to feast on a Jaguars team that will be without Maurice Jones-Drew, who is holding out. 

Key Names to Watch: On offense, the Giants will have a new tight end, left tackle, and back-up running back this season. Marcellious Bennett, formally of the Cowboys, takes over at tight end. The Giants paid this guy a lot of money, and it should be intriguing to see how he develops in this Giants offense. Keep in mind Manning loved going to Kevin Boss, and Jake Ballard in year's past. Can Bennett become a safety valve for Eli?

Also, Will Beatty takes over at left tackle, with veteran David Diehl moving over to right tackle. This is a huge development. The Giants hope that Beatty is worth moving the versitle Diehl over to right tackle, or there could be issues.

Finally, David Wilson takes over for Jacobs. He was a highly tauted runner out of Virginia Tech, and some have compared him to Ahmad Bradshaw. Expect to see a lot of Wilson in the second and third quarters of the Jaguars game.

Prediction: It's pre-season so the result doesn't really matter, but we'll take the depth and experience of the Giants in this one. Giants 20, Jaguars 14.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Curtis Martin enters Hall of Fame with powerful presentation

For 11 seasons in the NFL, Curtis Martin was one of the games most unassuming professional athletes. He wasn't as flashy as his peers, Barry Sanders, Emmit Smith, Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis; yet he turned out a career built on toughness as he ran his way to fourth on the all-time rushing list with 14,101 yards and 90 touchdowns.

While he started his career as a New England Patriot, as one can argue his best days were in New England, Martin will always be remembered as a New York Jet. He came to Gang Green in 1998, as a restricted free agent to be reunited with his old coach Bill Parcells.

Together Martin and Parcells spearheaded one of the fastest turnarounds in the NFL, turning a 1-15 team in 1996 to 12-4 with an appearance in the AFC title game in 1998. Martin turned in eight solid seasons in a Jets uniform, rushing for 1,000 yards in each of his seasons in Green. As he grew older, Martin went from being a speed back to a punishing runner who churned out yards and ate up clock for New York.

While the Jets may have had a revolving door at quarterback during the late 90's and early to mid 2000's, Martin was the face of the franchise, as New York had seven winning seasons, and four playoff apperances during his stay.

Click on this video to watch Bill Parcells' introduction of Curtis into the Canton. CLICK HERE!

Then watch the best of Curtis Martin's emotional speech. CLICK HERE!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tim Tebow Runs Wild Cat to Perfection for Jets in Practice

An already eventful camp for the New York Jets got even more eventful as Tim Tebow finally took snaps in goal-line packages, and ran the so-called "Wild Cat" offense. Usually, a goal-line scrimmage doesn't get much play, but since the media is so Tebow-crazy it makes news.

So far both Tebow and Mark Sanchez have been underwhelming in camp, only Tebow has been much worse, making Sanchez the clear front runner for the starting job. However, on Thursday, Ryan said Tebow had his best day at camp.

He went 2-for-3 in full team drills, and 5-for-6 in 7-on-7 drills, but found his nitch in the Jets goal-lin /wild cat package. Tebow ran for two scores and threw for another during the drill, looking sharp and even pushing tacklers out of his way for a touchdown.

The Jets have said with consistentcy that they plan on using Tebow in goal line packages during the course of the season, which could impede into Mark Sanchez's playing time. Yet, the struggling incumbent was positive about Tebow's performance in the wild cat.

"We've got to get into the end zone. I don't care. Whatever we have to do, and coach Sparano is going to be the judge there on what exactly he wants. We'll drive it 99 yards and he can run it in. It doesn't matter."

Sounds like Gang Green might be using Tebow as a running back, an idea that many have speculated on, but was never taken seriously. He is 251 pounds, and everyone knows Tebow is a gifted runner; so it  not crazy.

Shonn Greene has been woeful as the Jets starting running back, but if anyone thinks for a minute that the Jets will now hand the ball off 25 times to their back-up quarterback, they have another thing coming. Tebow will be used mostly as a diversion, the way the Jets tried with Brad Smith. However, if he outshines Sanchez in these situations and Sanchez struggles, it could lead to a change at quarterback. That is the risk the Jets are taking here.  Tebow is a much bigger personality and celebrity than Brad Smith ever was. Plus, the Jets knee-jerk reaction to insert Tebow will be more pronounced than with Smith, who was barely used, and used ineffectively in the wild cat.

Either way, it was the first really positive day for the Jets, in what has been a camp marred by the bitterness of Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie, as well as early struggles for both quarterbacks. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Open Mike 08-01-12, Anotonio Cromartie spurs Jets camp meltdown

In hour one of the Open Mike program, host Michael Cohen and guest host Karen VanKat discuss the latest happenings from Jets camp as corner back Antonio Cromartie sounds off that he is the Jets second best wide receiver on the team. Santonio Holmes is at it again, complaining that the media used him as a scapegoat last season. And, did Rex Ryan really compare Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow to Joe Montana and Steve Young?   

Oh, and remember the Giants? Yeah, the team that won the Super Bowl? Cohen and VanKat talk about them too.

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In hour two of the Open Mike Program, Michael Cohen and Karen VanKat debate whether the New York Yankees did enough before the non-waiver trade deadline. Will Ichiro and Casey McGhee improve an already potent Yankees lineup?

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