Monday, August 26, 2013

Rex Rolls Dice Comes Up Snake Eyes on Both Sanchez & Smith

Forget about the final score. Who cares that the Jets defeated the Giants 24-21 in their annual preseason clash, because this game will be best remembered more for coaching bloopers than anything else.

While Giants coach Tom Coughlin made some critical mistakes, like playing for tie that forced overtime, and extending the game and chance for injury longer, it is Rex Ryan who took the cake.

As everyone knows, Ryan decided to insert Mark Sanchez into the fourth quarter of the meaningless contest with 11 minutes to go, and the embattled QB was injured, left the game, and is now day-to-day with an undiagnosed shoulder injury.

Now everyone wants Ryan fired. The same Jets fans who wanted Mark Sanchez TKO'd now want him back after they witnessed how green in the gills Geno Smith is. Smith was awful; worse, he was Sanchez-like, as he threw three interceptions and stepped out of bounds in the back of the end zone for a safety.

To many Smith's horrific performance meant that Sanchez won the starting job by default. But, you can't blame Ryan for putting the buttfumbler into the game in the fourth quarter, because Sanchez had done nothing to win the job to begin with. Sanchez had a mediocre camp and an woeful preseason. If Sanchez played like a real veteran quarterback he would have blown Smith away the first week of training camp, but that never happened.

The fact that Ryan even put Sanchez into the game with a second team offensive line, down 15-14 to the Giants speaks volumes about how much the competition between Ryan and John Idzik matters as much as the competition between Sanchez and Smith.

For two consecutive weeks, Ryan has puffed up his feathers and made a direct statement to the front office that Sanchez is his guy through and through.

That is why he let Sanchez play three quarters against Jacksonville, instead of inserting Matt Simms in the third quarter, and creating the mystery injury to Greg McElory. He wanted Sanchez to rip up one of the worst teams in football in the Jaguars, and instead Sanchez was pedestrian against the Northern Florida Pussy-cats.

He threw an end zone interception and botched a four goal line plays at the end of the first half. The only reason the Jets won 37-13 over the Jags, was ... well, because it was the Jaguars.

So to Ryan after watching Geno Smith stink it up against Big Blue, and knowing that he could send another direct message to Idzik, he threw in Sanchez late in the game, hoping that Sanchez would turn into John Elway and lead a game winning touchdown drive against the Giants to show the world Sanchez is indeed his boy.

Now his boy is hurt.

Now Ryan might be stuck with Smith whether he likes it or not.

One can even argue that Ryan was feeling the pressure from the front office to have this QB competition; in return, he felt the need to put in Sanchez in order to give him one last shot to show he deserves to be the guy because through two preseason games he didn't prove anything.

Again echoing the thesis that Ryan wanted Sanchez to win the job outright.

Some are still saying that Ryan jeopardized Sanchez's career, but let's be honest, Sanchez's career in New York and in the NFL was close to over anyway. He was on pace to be a career back-up, who may toil in the Arena Football League before too long. 

It's not like Sanchez is Tom Brady. 

It's not like Sanchez is Peyton Manning here either. 

Heck, he's not even Russell Wilson.

What was even more bizarre was Ryan's press conference. He sounded like a man desperate with full knowledge that his time is coming to a quick and abrupt close. He knows that the "dream job" that he talked about for the past four years is about to be someone else's job very soon.

He knows that he cost himself probably the best chance to win some games early in the year by losing his boy wonder, Mr. Sanchez.

Now he's stuck with Smith, unless Sanchez heals up quick enough to start against the Buccaneers so he can throw interceptions to Darrelle Revis instead of Smith. (Did I say that?)

Ironically the Jets best option might be Matt Simms, Jets fans new favorite back-up quarterback. Simms did some good things on Saturday. He also overthrew a lot of wide open receivers, too. He has a much better arm than McElory, but until we see real NFL bullets flying his way it's hard to evaluate Simms. If anything he's taken McElory's job as the number three quarterback.

Do the Jets have a Tom Brady or Colin Kaepernick in waiting in Simms, as most Jets fans are now thinking? Ummm, who knows? Probably not, you don't want to count your chickens too soon as they say. But with the way things look here in 2013 where we know Sanchez isn't THE guy. And It looks like Smith isn't THE guy either, no one would be shocked if either Simms or McElory make a couple of starts this year for Gang Green.

But one thing is for certain, nobody would be surprised if some crisp October afternoon we hear that Rex Ryan has been fired.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Has Mad Mockery of MLB Steroid Suspension Policy

It has been a week now since MLB came down with its ruling to ban 13 players for their involvement in the Biogenesis scandal, and in that same time, Alex Rodriguez has made not only his case, but the entire investigation, and suspension a total joke.

As we all know, A-Rod received the harshest penalty of all of those players when he received a 211 game ban that was supposed to begin on Thursday August 8 and carry through the entire 2014 season, meaning the Yankees would have been off the hook for the $25 million they owed him for this season, and the $25 million for next season.

Instead A-Rod appealed and played in the Yankees heartless and gutless series in Chicago this week, while the other 12 players accepted their bans and moved on. To add insult to injury, A-Rod then filed his formal appeal of the 211 game ban, which will now be heard by an arbitrator, Fredrick Horowitz.

He is not expected to make a ruling until November or December, meaning that Rodriguez will play with the Yankees throughout the course of 2013, and get paid.

In short, the suspension is a total farce. A-Rod feels he's been made a scapegoat by MLB, and if the union gets its way A-Rod will get a reduced sentence, and probably will take the field even in 2014.

This is why MLB should have thrown the book at him, and wanted to. With A-Rod out of the way, this appeals process could have been avoided, and A-Rod would have disappeared. Not the case, not with A-Rod, who is too smart to tuck tail and run.

He knows he has $98 million reasons to fight MLB to the ends of the earth with regards to this penalty. He has never been caught for a failed drug test, nor has he ever served a suspension for steroids. That is why the 211 game ban is indeed unprecedented.

Plus, Bud Selig had his chance to levee a similar if not more sever penalty to Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGuire, to name a few, and never did anything. Now he wants A-Rod out, when all Rodriguez is is a face in a crowd of cheats.

As a result, the process is now a joke. Any big time star can continue to defy the commissioner and the league and cheat the game, and still get away with it. Why not? Because if that star player can lawyer up quickly enough and has the media relations clout to paint himself a victim, he can get away with it.

I will be shocked now if A-Rod even serves anything close to that 211 game ban.

At the very least, he might settle for a lesser ban where he can still get paid by the Yankees in 2014.

The Yankees have to be pounding their heads against a wall right now, knowing that A-Rod is going to remain their problem for a while, and there is no telling what the arbitrator will rule. He might say MLB is in the right, and that A-Rod has to serve the penalty that would essentially take him until 2015 when he is 41. Or, he might say that the penalty is too step and A-Rod can play.

As for the Yankees' fans reaction to A-Rod's first at bat in Yankees Stadium on Friday night in a 4-3 win over the Tigers, it was a mixed bag. Most of the crowd booed, several cheered, a number of pure idiots held signs like "We love you A-Rod", "You are a Yankee Forever."

Any Yankees fan who can legitimately say they want A-Rod on this team, a team that is going nowhere at 58-56 is lying to you, or is not really a Yankees fan. No fan should ever show support for this louse, this liar, this cheat, who has dumbed down this game and betrayed America's former pastime.

A-Rod on the field is the worst thing that could ever happen to baseball. It makes the game look even worse, and stains it more than the steroids themselves.

He should be gone.

MLB should have dropped the hammer, and not allowed him the opportunity to appeal. As for A-Rod, asking him to have even an ounce of humility and accept his fate, is like asking a trouble-making kid not to draw on the walls with permanent markers and crayons.

A-Rod's return to the game is the death of baseball.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sanchez Terrible, Smith Forgettable in Jets Preseason Opener


What did we learn about the Jets quarterback competition?

We learned that the Jets are in for one horrible season, and the look on Rex Ryan's now svelte face tells the tale of a man who must know his clock is ticking like an episode of 24.

Mark Sanchez was putrid in his first game on a short leash.

On the first play of the first series of the night, Sanchez nearly took a safety, got out of pressure and nearly threw a pick on a dump off pass to Bilal Powell. Then, after he actually completed a 10-yard slant to Ryan Spadola on second down, Sanchez proved to be in mid-season form when he threw a pass right into the hands of defensive tackle Ziggy Ansah, who lumbered 14-yards for a touchdown giving the Lions a 7-0 lead.

From there Sanchez continued his mediocre play. He dinked and dunked with a lot of floaters, and nearly threw his second interception when a pass went in and out of the hands of a Detroit defender.

While some will point to his seven play 80-yard drive for a touchdown as a sign of good things, the fact is Sanchez proved once again that he is no longer the quarterback of the future, nor the present. He is the quarterback of the past. A failure that Rex Ryan has no choice but to dispose of as soon as he can.

The only thing Sanchez can be thankful for is that he was not playing this game at the Meadowlands, otherwise he would have been showered with boos by the same Jets' fans who booed him at training camp earlier this week.

As for Geno Smith, his performance was forgettable. He didn't move the Jets at all, and looked every bit of an inexperienced quarterback. Smith's night ended abruptly in the third quarter when he left the game with a ankle injury, after sliding awkwardly on second down.

If Smith misses any time it will most likely TKO any chances he can take the quarterback job from Sanchez before opening day, September 8.

That doesn't mean Smith won't take the job ever from Sanchez, because most likely Sanchez will play poorly enough in the season that the Jets may have no choice but to make a move. But right now, Sanchez has to be all smiles that the jobs is his by default.

The best quarterback on the field had to be Greg McElroy who led the Jets to a convincing touchdown score and a field goal; but he also fumbled the ball back to Detroit, which led to three points for the Lions. Overall, McElroy was 9-of-16 for 140 yards and the TD. Unfortunately for him, he's probably behind a needle and a haystack.

Knicks-Nets Rivalry to Extend Right Down to the Wire

The NBA really wants Knicks-Nets to turn into the next big rivalry in the league, and why not considering that both play in the New York market, and both are good at the same time for seemingly the first time ever.

The Nets and Knicks played four games against each other very quickly in the first half of the year, and didn't see each other again, as both teams made their runs to the postseason.

Next season will be different. The two clubs will play one another on December 5 in Brooklyn, and then not again until January 20, April 2 and April 15 of next calendar year. This means that there could be some really intense basketball games between these two down the stretch.

The Knicks will open their 2013-14 season against Milwaukee at the Garden on October 30, before heading to Chicago on October 31. The Knicks won't play the Miami Heat until January 9. KNICKS SCHEDULE.

The new look Nets open up 2013-14 on the road in Cleveland, before returning home for their home opener against the Heat. So the Nets, who have a new coach, Jason Kidd, and added Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will get tested very early this season. NETS SCHEDULE.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Geno Smith Outplaying Mark Sanchez in Camp

The Mark Sanchez era indeed is coming to an end, and not a moment too soon.

After only one week of NFL training camp, the five year butt-fumbler is getting out played and out classed by rookie Geno Smith, who hasn't even taken a snap at MetLife Stadium in his career.

According to multiple reports throughout the week, Sanchez has struggled in both 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 drills with the first team. The latest he threw another interception, on a 3-for-10 day in practice, while Smith has yet to turn the ball over in practice. Smith went 5-of-6 in practice with 2 sacks.

Even one veteran who wanted to remain anonymous said that Smith looks more like a starter as compared to Sanchez.

Smith has dazzled so far with his athleticism and accuracy, but he still has plenty of fine tuning, plus he has yet to play in an actual game. The Jets first preseason game is August 9 in Detroit.

If Smith continues to outplay Sanchez in preseason, then coach Rex Ryan better suck it up and bench his prized quarterback, Sanchez and go with Smith.

There is plenty of upside for Ryan if he decides to go with Geno Smith on Opening Day, September 8, then go with Sanchez. For one, Ryan would give himself a longer leash with a young, unproven quarterback. If Smith maturates as the season progresses and the Jets look good at the end of the year and end up with 5, 6 or even 7 wins -- Ryan could keep his job.

However, if Ryan is as stubborn about his support for Sanchez has he has been in the past, and the Jets season becomes a flame out in the first quarter of the season, then Ryan could be out the door as soon as November rolls around.

It's up to Rex, but the right move is Vote for Geno.

Sanchez is a bust with a capital B. He has been a total failure throughout his five year career, and the only reason he was a part of two runs to the AFC title game had more to do with Ryan's defense than anything else.

Here's hoping that Geno Smith continues to outplay the butt-fumble boy.

Hang Em High: A-Rod Trying To Avoid Lifetime Ban

The Alex Rodriguez saga just gets more interesting by the minute.

It was reported Wednesday that Rodriguez is now in a fight for his baseball life as MLB weighs the option to either ban Rodriguez for a set number of games, or for life after his involvement in steroid hot bed Biogenesis.

The suspension could be announced as soon as today, if Rodriguez and MLB can, or even, can not come to terms on a plea deal. A-Rod has already sent his representatives to speak with MLB officials in order to avoid what amounts to the Death Penalty in baseball.

A lifetime ban from the game, while not unprecedented (look up Pete Rose) would come when A-Rod hasn't even served one suspension. A first time offender usually serves 50 games. However, because of the severity of the situation, and the amount of information MLB has on Rodriguez they could drop the hammer.

Baseball dropped the hammer on Ryan Braun a couple weeks ago with a 65 game ban, which could have been 100, if it weren't for Braun negotiating with MLB. Braun would have served a 50 game ban for a first offense, but since MLB was angry that Braun got away from a potential first offense, because of a mishandled test tube of a urine sample over a year ago, they were counting this ban as a second offense.

Everything that people have said about A-Rod's case however has the stench of a ban that goes on much longer than Braun's or anyone else's because of the information they have on him.

Rodriguez will be one of nine players to face suspension for their association with Biogenesis, and it seems like A-Rod is the only one make a fuss about it.  If he decides to appeal the suspension, it would come under what is being termed the "basic agreement."

The basic agreement, according to the NY Post's Ken Davidoff and Joel Sherman, would keep A-Rod off the field as he waits for arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to hear his case -- which could be a long, long, long time. The only way he could play is if he is suspended through a Joint Drug Agreement.

There is a chance that commissioner Bud Seilg could use Article XI(A)(1)(b) of the Basic Agreement, which is known as the "Integrity of the game clause," which means that Selig would hear A-Rod's case, and in short he is basically screwed. Think Roger Goodell and Bounty Gate.

Selig is prepared and ready to ban A-Rod for life. He is sick and tired of these steroid users poisoning his game, and he is going to do something to stop.

In my personal opinion if Selig bans A-Rod from the game, it comes about six years too late. He should have banned Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens for life after they were basically caught with their pants down and a needle stuck in their side.

In a lot of ways baseball can't go back now. Everyone has pushed their cards to the center of the table, and it is now up to Selig to get his way, or suffer the consequences of being looked upon as a bigger dope, especially if A-Rod wins arbitration and lessens the penalty.

Yet, A-Rod is not helping himself. He has been steadfast, even to this day that he is not guilty, and is just now in desperation trying to work out a deal.

If A-Rod is banned for life, obviously it would be a great day for the Yankees, since they will not be on the hook for the $98 million they owe him. If he accepts the plea deal and everyone kisses and makes up, the Yankees would still have to pay A-Rod close to $60 million for the remainder of his contract that goes through 2017.


If he does not come to deals on a plea, Selig can then ban him forever, making him the second player banned from the game joining the aforementioned Pete Rose.

Let's hope MLB drops the hammer on this klutz, this fool, the bozo once and for all. It has been a rocky enough ride with A-Rod in pinstripes, with his only shining moment coming in October 2009, when he actually played well in the playoffs, and the Yankees won the World Series.

Other than that it has been a long, tortured marriage for both Rodriguez and the Yankees. Enough already, ban the jerk for good, and get it over with.