Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eli Manning Battered & Blooded in Jets game

It was like a scene out of war movie. Giants quarterback Eli Manning gushing blood out of his forehead after a nasty hit forced the quarterback out of the pre-season opener late in the second quarter.

On a bobbled hand-off to Jacobs, Manning was hit hard from behind by Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace, causing Manning's helmet to go flying off. Manning's head then smacked into the face mask of safety Jim Leonhard, ripping a huge gash in Manning's skin. WATCH VIDEO.

12 stitches were need to seal up the bloody mess. After the hit, Manning ran to the sideline with blood oozing down his head onto his jersey.

Manning is reportadly fine, and should not miss any games due to the injury.

Jets Starters Look Good Inspite of Loss To Giants


Even though the Giants third and fourth stringers beat up the Jets fourth stringers in the fourth quarter, the Jets were the team that left the lasting impression on this the opening of the 2010 pre-season as well as the opening of New Meadowlands Stadium.

Questions abound about how the Jets number 1 ranked defense would fair without Darrelle Revis, and right now its Jets 1, Revis 0. The Jets harrassed Eli Manning and the Giants offense all night, holding Manning to a putrid 77 yards passing; keep in mind, Manning and the Giants starters played the entire first half.

Antonio Cromartie did a great job in coverage of Hakeem Nicks, holding him to just one catch. Cromartie came close to picking off Manning twice in the game.

The Jets then held Brandon Jacobs to just 2 yards rushing, and Ahmad Bradshaw to -1 yard rushing. If the Jets starters remained in the game on defense they probably would have destroyed the Giants.

Offensively, Mark Sanchez looked sharp. Inspite of an early interception, that was really a deflection into the hands of Antrelle Rolle, Sanchez picked apart the Giants secondary. He was 13-of-17 for 119 and a touchdown to Brad Smith.

Ladainian Tomlinson showed the nation that he still has something left in his legs, as he ripped off a 14 yard catch to convert a key third down. And Santonio Holmes looked great, leading the Jets in receiving with four catches for 53 yards.

The Giants starting defense was so porous that they even made Kellen Clemens look good. Clemens was 7-for-10 for 84 yards, most of which went to Holmes.

So even though Brandon Jacobs said after the game, "We beat the Jets, the Hard Knocks Jets. Now we know who the stadium belongs to." It was clear that the Jets outclassed the Giants on the field.

Mets Want Out of K-Rod Contract

Monday afternoon it was reveled that Francisco Rodriguez will miss the rest of the season with a torn ligament in his pitching thumb, as a result of his altercation with his common-law father last week.

K-Rod was already suspended by the Mets for two games because of the melee, now the Metropolitans want out of the contract.

Rodriguez is due $11 million next season, and if he pitches 100 games through next season, a $17.5 million option will automatically kick in for 2012. That's $28 million due to K-Rod over the next two years.

If the Mets want to cut costs, trading K-Rod before the option kicks in is certainly a viable option that the Mets are strongly considering.

It will be difficult because the players union will be heavily involved in the grievance process against the Mets if they don't pay K-Rod his money. The Mets argument will be that the injury was self-inflicted hence they have no right to pay him the remainder of his 2010 salary.

Friday, August 13, 2010

K-Rod Beats Up Girlfriend's Father

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez is in loads of trouble after beating up his common law father, Carlos Pena, after the Mets 6-2 loss to Colorado on Wednesday.

According to the New York Post Rodriguez got into a heated argument with his girlfriend Daian Pena outside the Mets clubhouse. The elder Pena came into to defend his daughter, when Rodriguez started punching him in the face.

K-Rod was then held inside a Citi Field jail cell, usually reserved for roudy fans. The Mets then suspended K-Rod for two days without pay, which cost him more than $125,000 of his $11 million annual salary.

"He was then arrested. At his arraignment in Queens court yesterday, Rodriguez pleaded not guilty to third-degree assault and second-degree harassment. He was released on $5,000 bail.

The judge said the pitcher's family was not safe at home, and issued the restraining orders. The ruling prevents him from entering the home or visiting their children without permission from Family Court.

Prosecutors claimed that Rodriguez has a history of family violence, including incidents in his native Venezuela and in California, where he pitched for the Los Angeles Angels. (New York Post)

Read New York Post Op Ed's on the situation.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan Stars in "Hard Knocks"

By Michael Cohen via Bleacher Report.com
As controversial rapper Eminem's "Not Afraid," blared through the beautifully choreographed opening scenes of Jets practice in the Hard Knocks premiere, it proved to be the perfect metaphor for what Rex Ryan thinks of his ball club.

He is not afraid to proclaim that his team will win the Super Bowl; he told the media so much last Friday and even wrote "Soon to be champs" on the side of an ESPN bus! He's not afraid to confidently believe that his players are the best in football, and he is certainly not afraid to make himself look like a goof on national television.
Such is Ryan's charm, and in the opener of HBO's hit sports series, he took full control, and he shined from start to finish.

From the get-go we get to see Ryan's exploits at motivational speaking (or at least motivational to him) with an expletive-laden rant that would make even the creators of "The Sopranos" blush. "I want to lead the league in the most (bleeping) wins!" he told his players.

Ryan's speech may not have echoed George C. Scott's "Patten," let alone Jim Belushi's "It's not over till we decide it is" speech in "Animal House," but let's just say it will certainly qualify as the most memorable speech that Hard Knocks has put on for viewers over the years.

Throughout the episode Ryan acted like a big kid, giving you the feeling that the guy was living up the moment of being on camera.

During check-in time, Ryan creeps around the hallways saying, "Revis? Revis? Where are you?" A slight knock at his all-pro corner who remains a holdout from camp because of his contract, but still quite a funny moment from the coach, to say the least.

Later, we catch a glimpse of Ryan and his coaching staff getting a good laugh at a message board that berates the coach. Ryan reads off every comment to the comedic pleasure of himself and his coaches who stare at the projector screen like giggling teenagers leafing through Facebook.

We also get to see the Homer Simpson side of Ryan, or better described as the one that can't say no to anything to eat. In the offseason. Ryan had lap-band surgery to curb his weight problem, but that obviously has not stopped him.

Ryan was seen taking pretzels, candies, and cheese sticks from just about anybody who had food near them. When one staff person tried to stop him from taking any food, he corrected her with a fist pump, "Shh..this is Hard Knocks."

Suddenly, Ryan is seen running across his office with several plates of food in hand as he made his escape for the back porch to eat lunch. Thankfully, he had enough to share with Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum.

Lastly, during some dead time in camp, Ryan decided to have a punt, pass, and kick competition with his coaches for some fun. Ryan tried his shot at a punt and nearly fell over his own feet after the kick, but when one of his assistants fell backwards on a punt return attempt, Ryan jumped in front of the camera yelling, "Tell me you got that!"

Yes, Ryan, we got that, and we know that you really enjoy being a reality TV star.

As for the football team, they look pretty good. Kris Jenkins appears to be on the mend quickly from knee surgery, as he was key in a goal-line stand during a heavy rain storm. Even without Darrelle Revis in camp, the Jets defense appears to be faster and more precise that last season's version.

Offensively, it appears that when he returns from his suspension, Santonio Holmes will be Mark Sanchez's go-to-guy. Sanchez completed some nice, deep go-routes to Holmes, which could bode well for big plays this season.

Sanchez has some work to do. He struggled with the quarterback snap and the quarterback/running back exchange in the rain. His struggles were serious enough for Joe Namath to jump into the quarterback meeting and offer the second year veteran some key pointers.

Obviously, the Darrelle Revis situation is the most pressing matter in camp. We are getting a good look at Mike Tannenbaum's perspective of the matter. He made a special trip down the New York Thruway to a Route 17 dinner to meet with Revis' agent, and came away empty handed.

You have to hope that what Tannenbaum says in these episodes doesn't come back to bite him, as we hear him say to the person next to him on the way back to Cortland, "I wish I had a card in this thing. One year, Four years, 10 years. If it doesn't work, let's just move on and we will try again next year."

Overall: Hard Knocks Training Camp with the New York Jets—five stars!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jets' Coach Rex Ryan Guarantees Super Bowl

Rex Ryan is not shy about sticking his foot in his mouth, or anything that is eatable anyway.

The Jets cocky coach, told reporters today that he thinks the Jets will win the Super Bowl this season!

"I just know what's going to happen," the Jets head coach said. "My crystal ball, I'm seeing a Super Bowl trophy in there. Now, I could be wrong, but that's what I see. But every time I go to work, that's what I look at. I'm not embarrassed to say that I believe that will happen. The great thing is we get to prove it soon. That's the beauty of it." (nj.com)

I'm glad he believes in his team, but Ryan's Rebels continue to give bulletin board material for the opponents on their schedule. I can't wait to see how this team shoots itself in the foot during HBO's Hard Knocks. I'm sure ESPN and the NFL Network will have camps in Miami and New England to get their thoughts on any smack that comes from Jets camp during the show.

Ryan and the Jets should just keep their mouths shut and play ball. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, and for a coach to predict a Super Bowl through his "Crystal Ball" is beyond arrogant.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brett Favre Caught In Deadspin.com Controversy

With Brett Favre still undecided about whether to play for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010, another dark cloud has risen its head in the Favre saga.

According to The New York Daily News, a report from the website Deadspin.com, has reported that Favre sexually harassed a Jets employee during his one year stay with New York.

The report discolses that Favre sent graphic pictures to Jets TV sideline host Jenn Sterger.

"The controversy dates back to just before the Super Bowl, when Sterger, currently a reporter on Versus' "The Daily Line," told Daulerio that Favre had sent her flirty voicemails and naughty pictures in 2008, when she was working for the Jets as a sideline reporter and Favre was Gang Green's quarterback.

Daulerio said Sterger, 26, told him that she had received several friendly but strange voicemail messages early in the 2008 season.

"But then, one night, Sterger received a picture on her phone which was so shocking that she just tossed it across the room." Read more on the controversy.

A.J. Daulerio went on WFAN radio this morning to defend the report. Listen. From listening to the interview it seems dubious that she plans on pressing any charges. Sterger and the website Deadspin appear to be looking for trouble, and a way to entrap a superstar athlete, since she immediately sent the voice messages to Deadspin first, instead of authorities.

Darrelle Revis Still a No-Show at Jets Camp

It is four days into Jets training camp, and Darrelle Revis has yet to show up to camp.

Revis is seeking a contract of more than $16 million a year, with guaranteed money. Owner Woody Johnson promised to meet with Revis and his agent, but the two sides have not come close to an new contract for the cornerback.

Revis is owed $1 million for this season, clearly a low amount for a guy that Rex Ryan called the best player in the NFL back in February. He has three years left on the deal.

Revis is being fined $16,000 every day. The New York Post has reported throughout the situation that Revis feels "disrespected" by the Jets for not giving him an appropriate contract.

If Revis holds out all of camp and the season, the Jets could release him. The Jets better get this deal done soon --- it has become the biggest distraction of the year.

Jets Back-up Quarterback Ainge Being Treated for Substance Abuse

Jets third string quarterback Eric Ainge is being treated for substance abuse.

This is nothing new for the former Tennessee University quarterback. He was admitted into a facility last season, and had to miss most of OTA's. As a result he couldn't take over the back-up quarterback job from Kellen Clemens, even though he outplayed Clemens in the pre-season.

Ainge or Clemens could be in trouble for a roster spot, with the Jets signing of veteran, and former Jaguar quarterback Mark Brunell.

A-Rod Drills Number 600


Alex Rodriguez has finally done it. After a few weeks of struggling, A-Rod finally cracked number 600 in the bottom of the first inning of Wednesday's matinee against the Blue Jays. The two run shot gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead.

Rodriguez is now the youngest player to ever reach 600 homers in his career, and is now seventh on the all time list. Or sixth, if you think that Barry Bonds cheated.

Still the homer comes with some controversy. Last year it was revealed that Rodriguez was a steroid user during his days with the Texas Rangers, and there were even rumors that A-Rod had continued to use performance inhancing drugs as a Yankee. Read Ian O'Connor.

Rodriguez will need 155 homers to reach the non-asterick milestone of Hank Aaron's 755, 162 to tie the steroid culprit Bonds. A-Rod signed a 10 year extension after the 2007 season. He will have to average about 25 homers a year in the next seven years to reach the mark.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brett Favre Announces Retirement...For Now

Last night Brett Favre told the Minnesota Vikings that he will not return for a 20th season, thanks to a nagging ankle injury.

The 40 year old phony, has done this dog and pony show before. He retired twice before changing his mind to play for the Jets, after he spurned and angered the Packers, then the Vikings last season.

The Vikings have been surprisingly patient with Favre, waiting into training camp and the 2010 season for the former MVP to decide what to do. Now it appears that Favre is done...again...leaving Minnesota as the third team that Favre left in a lurch.

However. Yes, however, WFAN reports that Favre was on the practice field in Mississippi this morning. He did not speak to reporters, but was seen throwing to his favorite high school kids.

ESPN reports that Favre has not made a final decision. He told Ed Werner of ESPN that he will play if he is healthy. "Favre told ESPN that he has decided to play for Minnesota in 2010 if his surgically repaired ankle heals but said the fact he has not been able to decide his future reflects his level of concern about regaining his health."

The Vikings also offered Favre $20 million, $16 million guaranteed to play this year. That will heal an ankle fast won't it. Stay tuned for phony to decide.