Sunday, September 29, 2013

Geno Smith Stinks It Up as Jets Crash to Reality

JETS 13 

So much for that great start. So much for exceeding expectation. So much for looking like the biggest surprise of the season.

For the New York Jets are who we thought they were: a pretty, pretty, pretty bad football team.

It showed in every which way, Sunday in Nashville as the Titans rolled over Geno Smith and the Jets 38-13.

It wasn't so much about how the Titans dominated this ball game, because they didn't; the story of this day was how Geno Smith gave Tennessee this football game with a cherry on top. Four turnovers by the Jets rookie quarterback doomed New York. Smith now leads the league in turnovers by a quarterback with 11.

Smith's ineptitude showed fairly quickly. On the second play of the game, Smith rolled to his left and found a wide open Alterraun Verner, who by the way wears Titans powder blue and red. Verner picked off the pass and set Tennessee up at the Jets 18 yard line. Five plays later, the Titans found themselves in the end zone when Jake Locker connected with tight end Delanie Walker for the score.

Smith's issues only got worse. He spent most of the day throwing into double and triple coverage, almost got sacked for two safeties, and couldn't protect the football in the most crucial of circumstances.

For example, with New York still in the game down 10-3, Smith decided to scramble for the first down on third and three. Instead of tucking the ball in and diving for the first down, Smith held the ball out like a loaf of bread and had it knocked out of his hands, only to have it recovered by Verner and the Titans.

The play was just an example of how Smith is not getting it. It's one thing when a rookie struggles to understand the speed and nuances of the game, but not tucking the ball away is something Smith should have been taught in high school. In short, this gaff was inexcusable.

Of course Tennessee turned it into points, as Locker hit Nate Washington from four yards out to make it 17-3 Titans, all but ending this game in the second quarter.

Tennessee would score 28 points on Jets turnovers, with one of the dumbest turnovers coming in the fourth quarter with New York down 24-6.

The Jets were backed up on their own goal-line, and feeling the pressure from defensive end Karl Klug, Smith, for whatever reason, tried to exchange the ball into his other hand by pulling the ball down, and moving it behind his back. The ball popped out of his mitts and into the hands of Klug, who recovered the loose ball in the end zone for the score to make it 31-6.

There are a lot of concerns for these 2013 Jets. They got a big pass the past few weeks because they played two bad teams in Buffalo and Tampa Bay, and a Patriots team that is beaten up physically. This team is entering the toughest part of its schedule, and with Smith giving the football away like Mark Sanchez it will get tougher and tougher for this team to win any games this season.

All of a sudden the Rex Ryan Job Security Clock is ticking once again.

Listless Giants Fall to Chiefs, Drop to 0-4


For the first time since 1987, the New York Giants can say these words: 0-4.

It has been about a generation since Big Blue started a season winless after a month of football action, and it is easy to look at the remainder of this already hideous 2013 season and wonder if the Giants will ever win a game this year? And when they do win, how many will they have?

The Giants entered play Sunday knowing that a win combined with a Eagles loss would put them into second place in the weak NFC East. Unless the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins continue to stink it up, it is getting harder and harder to envision that New York can come back in their own division. Forget the wild card, that was washed away after last weeks 38-0 smackdown to the Panthers.

The culprit the past three weeks has been the Giants suspect defense. On Sunday, the issue was the Giants offense which was listless from pillar to post. The Giants couldn't convert on third down (1-for-12), and its receivers were truly invisible. Every time Eli Manning put up the football, nobody could hold onto the football.

 Case in point, Victor Cruz was targeted 15 times, and only had nine catches. Of those eight catches, only one of them had an impact on the game, when Cruz hauled in a 69 yard touchdown strike to tie the game at seven.

Yet, the Giants defense kept Big Blue in it. They forced the Chiefs into three turnovers, and kept running back Jamal Charles in check, and flustered quarterback Alex Smith.

However the turning point of this game came late in the third quarter with New York facing a difficult third and 17. Manning hit Cruz down the middle of the field, but the wide out was tackled a yard short of the marker. The ruling, which was initially first down Giants, was overturned into a fourth and one. The Giants were forced to punt.

On the punt, Kansas City's speedy Dexter McCluster took it to the house on a 89-yard punt return to give Kansas City a 10-point advantage, 17-7.

The Giants were officially toast. It was as if they knew the game was over, even with a whole quarter to play, and they played like it.

The Chiefs pounded the Giants in the fourth quarter. Alex Smith engineered a 14 play 80 yard drive that ate up more than nine minutes of clock, culminating in a 2-yard touchdown run by Charles iced it.

Smith's 34-yard touchdown strike to Dwayne Bowe put salt in the Giants wounds.

At 0-4 the Giants are basically toast. Any dwindling playoff hopes for the Giants are now gone, and the calendar hasn't even changed to October!  Changes have to be made to this Giants squad. They are a decaying lot with veteran players who don't have the desire they once had. They bicker and snicker at each other; while the coordinators of this group can't seem to put anyone in a position to succeed.

It is time for the Mara/Tisch family to think about a shake up. The New York Giants are on the clock for 2014.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mets Content with Status Quo Extend Terry Collins for 2-Years

It's easy to forget that the Mets even exist in New York amid all the other news in town the past few weeks and months. Remember that phrase "Forget that the Mets exist" for a reference later in this story. 

But, the New York Mets are content with mediocrity. The bumbling New York baseball franchise plans on bringing back manager Terry Collins for two more years through 2016. Collins earned the job with a lackluster record of 224-260. That is a .463 winning percentage if you are keeping count. 

Collins who has come across as very mild-mannered during his tenure in New York has, like GM Sandy Alderson for reasons that go beyond human comprehension, received a pass in this town while producing dreary results. 

The excuses have been the fact that owner Fred Wilpon is strapped for cash, as well as pinning continued blame on former GM Omar Minaya for spending too much money.  As result Collins has been forced to work with the likes of Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejada and Juan Lagares; not exactly the '27 Yankees if you catch my drift. 

Still the results are not there, and bringing back Collins, who has been viewed mostly as a care-taker for the next manager, probably isn't deserving of another stint in Mets blue and orange. The Mets have been listless, lifeless and pathetic. Citi Field has been a virtual graveyard for four years and counting, and this is a sign that management STILL is not ready to change the status quo for this franchise. 

The talk by the Mets for the last year has been "wait 'til 2014, and we'll really show ya something." 

Well so far 2014 is not looking too good. Not with the team's ace Matt Harvey likely on the shelf with a ligament tear in his elbow, which will likely require Tommy Johns Surgery at some point. Things are not looking good in 2014 with Collins coming back with the same excuses we have seen the past four years. 

The Mets say they will spend money this year, but knowing how poorly this franchise has spent money in the past who is to say they will even spend it wisely? 

Outside of David Wright, Daniel Murphy (even though I can't stand his defense at second base) and, for better or for worse, the oft-injured Travis d'Arnaud behind the plate, the Mets need professional help at all three outfield positions, shortstop, first base, the starting rotation, bullpen, and closer. Those are too many spots to fill and not enough money to spend this year to fix all of the gapping holes in the Mets. 

The Mets would be better served going with a manager who carries himself with much more passion and zest for winning, and winning at all costs rather than Collins' tired, and now boring strategy about battling hard. 

Nobody cares about battling hard, people in New York want to win, something Collins has not done here. 

If this team should fail to match the organizations' overinflated expectations for 2014, will Collins then be fired? Or will the Mets use 2014 as another excuse on the long, long, long, long -- going on 5-years long stepping stone to success? 

However you look at it, Collins returning in 2014 is not a good sign for the Mets. Its a sign that things are not going to change as quickly and as swiftly as Mets' fans hoped. 

As the Queen song goes, "Another one gone, Another one gone, Another one bites the dust." Hence the existence, or lack thereof of the New York Mets. 

Robinson Cano Wants a Kings Ransom from Yankees

If Robinson Cano is serious about his contract demands, he could easily find himself in another uniform come next season.

Cano, who is represented by Jay-Z's new sports agency, is demanding $305 million over 10-years from potential bidders, including the Yankees. 

Forget about home team discounts, because now Yankees GM Brian Cashman is being asked to only play chess, he's being asked to do play poker blindfolded.  According to ESPN, people around Cano believe that he will take the biggest offer he can get, meaning that his days with the Yankees could be numbered. 

The Yankees have been stedfast in shrinking their 2014 payroll below $189 million. The only way the Yankees could afford Cano is if A-Rod is outta here. 

How does that happen? 

If Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the entire 2014 season by Major League Baseball, it will actually help the Yankees in pursuing such free agents like Cano, because only in that scenario are the Yankees free from Rodriguez's albatross contract, and money gets freed up. 

If not, or, if A-Rod has his suspension reduced, you can basically forget about Cano returning. 

Cano isn't helping the Yankees cause here. His contract demands are completely ridiculous. He's 30-years-old, and while he has produced some big time numbers, he has never been the most dominating player in the sport. 

Plus likely suitors, the Angles and Dodgers, are tapped out financially. Other likely spenders like the Mets, and Red Sox refuse to spend any big money anymore, while the Phillies and Rangers are still getting out of some big contracts. 

So where will Cano go? If he is smart, he will lower his contract demands, because there is no way that a MLB team will cave to Cano and Jay-Z and give them $300 million over 10-years. 

It will not happen, not in today's economy where everyone is pinching pennies to this day. 

Cano might be worth at most $180 million over that same time span, which might be a friendly offer that the Yankees could match, especially if they can add some cost saving incentives in there as well. 

Reports are that Cano is heading for vacation once the season ends Sunday, so the likelyhood that the Yankees will have time to seriously negotiate with Cano before the end of October are slim, at least right now. 

The Yankees can ill afford to lose Cano, and if Cano is smart, he'll realize he can ill afford to not be a Yankee. 

Legitimate Questions Arise About Joe Girardi's Future with Yankees

Amidst all the hoopla over Mariano Rivera's retirement, an ugly reality is boiling over in the Bronx. 

That reality is an off-season full of change that could alter the face of the franchise for years to come. 

One of the those changes could be at manager. 

The Yankees want Joe Girardi back as manager. However Girardi, who is a free agent after this season, has not verbally nor contractually committed to returning to pinstripes in 2014. He has said all of the right things, like he "wants to be back" but in an interview with WFAN's Mike Francesa, Girardi added that he has to go home and talk to his family about the future.

Rumors are running rampant that Girardi will split with the Yankees, and head back to Illinois, his home, to manage the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs were the team that initially drafted Girardi, who hails from Northwestern.

The Cubs managerial opening is not official yet, but the rumors are there.

If Girardi is serious about looking for another opportunity, reviving the Cubs with former Red Sox GM Theo Epstien could become a crude reality for Yankees fans.

But don't count the Yankees out just yet. The Steinbrenner family has expressed their desire to have Girardi return; even President Randy Levine said the club's ability to hang around in the playoff race is attributed mostly to Girardi's managerial skills.

Yet, with the 2014 outlook of the Yankees looking bleak, especially with Derek Jeter likely entering his final season as professional ball-player; with A-Rod likely suspended for the season, and with uncertainty with regards to the futures of Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano -- one wouldn't blame Girardi for leaving now.

I guess it's better to go out while in high regard by the Yankees, than getting fired by them.

This will be one of the biggest stories of the off-season to follow for sure.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Jets Win Sloppy Affair Over Bumbling Bills


It was ugly. It was tough to watch at times. Yet, the Jets still found a way to outlast the Buffalo Bills in the Meadowlands, Sunday with Geno Smith playing the starring roll for New York.

For the first time in a very, very, very long time, the Jets can easily say that their quarterback was the difference in them winning the football game, rather than losing it.

Smith had the best day of his season, as the Jets sped up their progressions and had Smith release the ball quicker than he had in his previous two starts. The result: a 300-plus yard afternoon, with two long touchdown passes, and the thoughts of a looming quarterback controversy later in the year was squashed.

Right out of the gate, Smith was torching a suspect Bills secondary. On his first pass of the day, he connected with Stephen Hill on a 45 yard bomb down the right side to put the Jets deep into Bills territory. After moving New York down to the red zone, Smith plowed into the end zone himself for his first rushing touchdown to make it 7-0.

In a lot of ways the Jets got a ton of breaks in this game thanks in part to the Buffalo Bills. After ex-Jet Jim Leonhard picked off Geno Smith to set the Bills up in Jets territory, the Bills blew a chance to get into the end zone, when quarterback E.J. Manuel incorrectly scrambled out of the pocket and into the hands of the Jets. Buffalo was forced to settle for a field goal to make it 7-6.

The Jets quickly responded when Smith connected with Stephen Hill in single coverage down the sideline for a 51-yard touchdown to make it 14-6.

Buffalo would have another chance to get back into the game with the ball inside the Jets 35 yard line, but for whatever reason, Bills coach Doug Marrone decided to go for it on fourth and two instead of kicking a go-ahead field goal. Buffalo failed to convert and the Jets were saved, again.

Fast forward to the third quarter, with New York leading 20-9, and the Jets almost gave the game up. Smith channeled his inner Mark Sanchez when he was picked off by linebacker Earl Gates, who brought the ball back to the Jets 13.

Buffalo looked poised to score a touchdown, but once again both Marrone's play calling and Manuel's play were terrible. Marrone decided to run the ball on 2nd and 6 and got nowhere, setting up a long third down, which Manuel couldn't complete, as he overthrew his receiver. Result: Buffalo settled for another field goal.

Then, the Jets went into self-destruct mode defensively.  The Jets were called for four penalties against the Bills on Buffalo's touchdown drive in the fourth quarter. If the Jets defense didn't give up all of those yards on penalties, the Bills would have never had a chance to score a touchdown.

After the fourth pass interference penalty was called, Manuel had his best throw of the day when he hit his tight end Scott Chandler for a 33-yard touchdown. Manuel then connected with Stevie Johnson on a two-point conversion to tie it.

With the game falling apart, it was Geno Smith who stepped up big. On the Jets third play of their next drive, Smith connected with Santonio Holmes down the sideline, in very tight single coverage. Holmes hauled in the bomb, broke from his defender and dashed into the end zone for the game winning touchdown.

Smith finished with 331 yards passing and two touchdowns. He took the huggies off, and stepped up big when the Jets needed their quarterback to step up big.

Defensively the Jets had both their best day and worst day at the same time. New York harrassed Manuel all day, sacking him eight times with Muhammad Wilkerson recording two sacks. The Jets front seven had a field day putting pressure on the young quarterback, who looked rattled and overwhelmed for the entire game.

However, it was the defense that was mostly responsible for the Jets getting flagged for 20 penalties, the most penalties in a game in Jets franchise history. Obviously Rex Ryan has got to discipline his football team and clean it up. Against a better football team, 20 penalties would have equaled a Jets loss.

Still, New York is a surprising 2-1 on the season, and a game behind both unbeaten Miami (3-0) and New England (3-0). The Jets head off to Tennessee to take on the equally surprising Titans (2-1) next Sunday.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Giants Drop to 0-3 as Carolina Blanks G-Men


In one of the most dismal showings in their history, the New York Giants were not only shutout they were absolutely humiliated by a Carolina Panthers team that clearly was playing for the job of their head coach Ron Rivera.

As a result, the Panthers saved their coach's job, while basically ending the Giants season in September on the first day of fall.

The Giants offense was terrible. In the first half alone, New York managed only 13 yards of offense, with one single yard passing. In fact, the only offense for Big Blue in the first half was a 14 yard scramble by quarterback Eli Manning.

That is how dominant the Panthers were on Sunday against the Giants. New York was held to only 10 first downs, 150 yards of offense, 90 yards passing and an abysmal 60 yards rushing.

The Giants showed little life, and worse off, little heart in this shellacking.

If there were any questions about the job security of Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, there is now.  Both coordinators were the ire of Giants fans discontent last year, and they will be under the microscope again, especially Fewell.

Fewell's defense was one of the worst in the NFL last year, and it hasn't changed this year. Against a Panthers team that struggled the past two weeks, they allowed D'Angelo Williams and Cam Newton run all over the field on Sunday.

Newton had 223 yards through the air with three touchdowns, and 45 more yards and touchdown on the ground. Williams paced the second half for Carolina with 120 yards on 23 carries.

The defense didn't bring any pressure, and took punches like a worn punching bag.

Offensively, the Giants offensive line continues to stink it up. They didn't protect Manning at all. The former Super Bowl MVP was sacked a total of seven times, and he never had a chance to sit back and deliver the football.

And did I mention the running attack? The Giants running game, which had been so bad for so long was terrible again. David Wilson had only 39 yards rushing; it would have been more if a 15-yard touchdown was not called back for holding. Wilson has failed to provide the necessary spark in the backfield, and Brandon Jacobs was nonexistent on Sunday.

At 0-3 the Giants playoff hopes are next to zero. The last 0-3 team to make the postseason was the 1998 Buffalo Bills which, in fact, was the last time Buffalo even made the playoffs.

In short the 2013 season is likely over for the Giants. Dallas won impressively over St. Louis to take a 2-1 stranglehold on the East, while both Washington (0-3) and Philadelphia (1-2) aren't going anywhere either.

Glass half full, one can say that the division is weak enough for the Giants to get back into it, but the fact is there is nothing from this year's Giants squad that offers any glimmer that things will turn around.

The Giants will face the Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) in KC next week. This could get rough.

The last time the Giants started 0-3 on a season was 1996. The '96 Giants under Dan Reeves opened 0-3 with losses to Buffao, Dallas and Washington. The Giants finished 6-10 that season.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peyton Has Upper Hand in Manning Bowl III


The game was billed with as much hype as Mayweather vs. Canelo. Manning vs. Manning; brother vs. brother; comedic pitch man vs. comedic pitch man.

Yes, Eli vs. Peyton was supposed to be a shootout between two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, yet instead it turned into a dominating performance for Peyton's Broncos over Eli's Giants.

After a first half that started out with plenty of sizzle, as both Eli and Peyton led tremendous opening chargers that led to only three points for the Giants and nothing for Denver (thanks to a fumble by Montee Ball), eventually fizzled out into a defensive showcase as both teams struggled to get anything going offensively. The result Denver 10, NY Giants 9 at the break.

The Giants defense which was much maligned a week ago in Dallas, played pretty well in the first half. They were physical at the line with the Denver receivers, and flustered Manning to manifold incompletions in the half.

However, one thing that Peyton does that most quarterbacks in the NFL fail to do is he makes adjustments. Instead of going for the home run, he took what the Giants gave him and picked apart Big Blue in the second half.

On Denver's first possession of the second half, Peyton worked exclusively out of the no huddle offense and completed four short, but very effective passes to his receivers moving Denver down to Giants two yard line. Finally, Peyton completed a two yard strike to Wes Welker for six points to make it 17-9.

The Giants soon responded, as Eli led a crisp seven play 80-yard drive, thanks in part to Denver playing a soft zone defense for much of the possession, with Brandon Jacobs finishing the drive off with a 1-yard plunge to cut the Denver lead to 1-point.

Still Peyton would not be stopped. He hit Decker on a huge third and eight to move the chains into Giants territory, and later connected with Decker again for 19 more. Three plays later, Knowshon Moreno dashed past the Giants front seven for a 25-yard touchdown to make it 24-16.

Then the mistakes followed. Eli's second down pass was tipped into the air and into the hands of Chris Harris giving Denver the ball in Giants territory. From there Peyton stuck it to his little brother when he zipped an 11-yard touchdown pass to Demarious Thomas, blowing the game open at 31-16.

The final nail in the coffin came moments after a Giants three-and-out as Trindon Holliday returned a punt 81-yards for a touchdown to make it 38-16.

Eli had another horrible day. Not helped by the fact that the Giants still can't establish a running game, Manning threw four interceptions on the day. He now has seven interceptions this year.

Eli's biggest mistake of the day came at end of the first half, when he tried to force a ball into the end zone that was picked off by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. If Eli had only seen Victor Cruz underneath, he could have made the completion and had enough time to set up the Giants with a field goal before the half.

So ends Manning Bowl III. Peyton is now 3-0 against his brother, with the last two match-ups being blowout wins for Peyton.

The Giants have a lot of issues, but in a division that has no dominant teams, 0-2 is not a disaster for the Giants right now. They have to settle things down and get a victory next week against Carolina (0-2) if they are going to turn this season around. It's still in front of them.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Derek Jeter placed on DL again, season over

When Derek Jeter went down with an ankle injury that ended his 2012 postseason agains the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS, many feared that Jeter would lose a step or two in 2013.

As spring training approached, and Opening Day with it, it became more and more apparent that Jeter may not play at all in 2013. Little progress was made during his rehab in spring training and in April, and each time he took a step forward, it seemed like he would quickly take two steps back.

Jeter wound up missing the first 91 games of the season. He was quickly rushed back to the big club in mid-July while the Yankees were in the midst of a losing streak, with the hope he could spark something in this lifeless club, but returned to the DL after one game. Then he came back on July 28 and was on the DL again after four days with a calf strain.

After making a third return from the DL on August 26, he was put back on it on September 7 with pain in his surgically repaired ankle. Now he is done for the year.

All told, Jeter played in 17 games with the big league club, with a homer, 7 RBI and a batting average of .190.

Jeter looks like every bit of 39-years-old now.

We knew this day was going to come, and it is sad that is coming this way, but Jeter's career is likely, and should be, over.

"I wasn't moving the way I wanted to move, I wasn't hitting the way I wanted to hit. I wasn't doing anything; I wasn't throwing the way I wanted to throw," he said. "If you can't play how you're capable of playing or what you're used to doing, then you're really not helping out. If I'm not able to play how I want to play, then I'm not benefiting the team."

Jeter has a $9.5 million option for 2014, and with questions now lingering about his effectiveness and ability to even stay on the field it is reasonable to question whether this is the end. Jeter refuses to talk about next year still.

Jeter and the Yankees are planning on a full rehab for the short stop and expect him to be ready for Spring Training.

However, if I were Jeter, or someone who knew him I would tell him to hang it up. No one wants to see Jeter struggle again in 2014. He's been too good a player for too long and has accomplished more than any athlete can dream of. He has 5 World Series rings; was considered the best at his position for over a decade; his number 2 is about as iconic as the interlocking NY, and he has more money than anyone put together.

He doesn't need really need the game anymore, unless he is one of those players who needs the game as a fix.

Jeter is a smart guy; he can do a lot of good here in New York both as a entrepreneur and face of baseball. Michael Jordan is still the most recognizable basketball player on earth, and most marketable, and he hasn't played a game in over 10 years.  Jeter, if he wants to, will be the next Michael Jordan very easily in retirement.

Call it a career Derek, it was a great ride, one that no one will ever forget.

Mark Sanchez Likely Out for the Year with Torn Labrum

Buttfumble this!

Mark Sanchez's season, and likely his career in New York are over after word was announced that Sanchez indeed has a tear in the labrum on his right throwing shoulder.

Rumors ran rampant last week that Sanchez had the tear, but the Jets quickly denied it. So much for trying to shut down a leak.

While surgery would be eminent for Sanchez, the fifth year bust is still holding onto hope that he could take the field this year.

 "If I needed surgery right now, I never would have left Andrews' office. I would've stayed and got the surgery." Asked if he wanted to deny that he was likely to have surgery, Sanchez texted: "There's nothing to report. It's reckless."

Sure Mark, sure.

Sanchez injured the shoulder in the third game of the preseason, when he was drilled by the Giants Marvin Austin in the fourth quarter with the Jets trailing 15-14. Many got on coach Rex Ryan for putting Sanchez into that game, but the fact was Ryan wanted to both prove that Sanchez was his starter, and he was under pressure to keep the quarterback competition going.

As a result, Geno Smith got the start in week 1 and impressed in a Jets 18-17 victory. Heck, he only threw one pick, and didn't buttfumble -- so that in itself is an accomplishment.

If Sanchez's season is done, his career in New York is too. The Jets will cut him at the end of the year, something Jets fans have been calling for for the past two years. With Sanchez now out of the picture (celebrate Jets nation) New York can now move on with its development of Smith and possibly Matt Simms.

This could also be good news for Rex. With Sanchez gone, this season is now about developing a new quarterback, and if the Jets finish with a respectable season, Ryan could in turn save his own job.

 See what good things can happen when you don't buttfumble?

Yankees Ink Deal with WFAN, Mets Left Stationless

Only in New York can the Yankees not only outdo the Mets on the field and in the front office, but they can have a radio station, while the Mets don't have a station.

What Mets fans had feared became official last night as the Yankees inked a deal with WFAN to have their games broadcast on "New York's number 1" in 2014 and beyond.  The Yankees who were already under contract with CBS Radio, having had their games on WCBS 880 AM for a number of years are moving on up the to top sports talk station in the region.

The Mets meanwhile don't have a station home anymore. Rumors have swirled that either 710 WOR or 98.7 ESPN NY could end up picking up the Mets from the basement, but nothing has yet to be confirmed on that route.

ESPN NY already broadcasts NY Jets, NY Knicks and sometimes, NY Rangers games during the year. How the Mets fit into that plan, AND ESPN keeps it's daily talk shows going at the same time would be very interesting. Especially with the Mets season starting in the heat of playoff basketball and hockey, and ends with the kick-off of Jets football.

In short I would not be against seeing the Mets move over to WOR. Why not? WOR television used to be the home of Mets baseball during the clubs hay day in the 1980s.

Still, there will be something very strange about listening to the Yankees on FAN, and the Mets elsewhere, because FAN had been the flagship station of Mets baseball since 1987, the birth year of WFAN.

The Mets and WFAN were a marriage made in Heaven, (unless your Mike Francesa of course), because each night that Mets baseball ended you got to hear from the biggest Mets fan in Steve Somers, breaking down the night's performance.

This will feel alien at first, but like everything else in life, we will adjust. It wasn't that long ago the Yankees used to have their television rights with WPIX channel 11, before they left for a local TV deal with WNYW, MSG and eventually the YES Network, while the Mets went over to channel 11. Nobody complained then after a while, either.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mark Sanchez May Be Out Longer Than Hoped

As the Jets were in the midst of Geno Smith's NFL debut, word came around that their former starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez could have a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder.

The report has been disputed by several sources, including CBS' Jason LaCanfora, who said the Jets don't believe the shoulder is torn.

If Sanchez does have a torn labrum, he could be out for a very, very long time.

It's not as if Jets fans really care right now. They are basking the glow of Geno Smith's first victory as New York's quarterback, and most fans never want to see Sanchez take another snap for the team ever again.

If the shoulder is as badly torn as reported, then Jets fans won't have to worry about seeing Sanchez on the field ever again in a Jets uniform most likely.

This also would explain why the Jets went out and signed veteran flame-out Brady Quinn to be the team's third quarterback behind Smith and Matt Simms.

For Sanchez, the injury could be a cruel end to a nightmarish career in green and white.

Geno Smith Leads Jets to Improbable first W of 2013


For nine months they heard how this season would be a total disaster. For nine months they heard how they didn't have enough NFL talent to even win a professional football game this year. That might all be true, but for at least one week, the Jets can celebrate the fact that they are undefeated and in first place.

While it is likely down hill from here for Gang Green, they gutted out a 18-17 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccanners in their season opener.

Geno Smith, who heard for weeks that he wasn't ready to take an NFL field, looked pretty good. He completed 24 of 38 passes for 256 yards with a touchdown and one interception, and led his team on a game winning drive in the waning seconds of the game.

With the Bucs up 17-15, after Ryan Lindell connected on a field goal with 34 seconds to go, it was easy to think that Jets would lose a heartbreaker in one of the few winnable games on their schedule. Fortunately Geno Smith didn't get the memo.

He completed a 25-yard pass to Kellen Winslow to the Jets 45, and later scrambled out of the pocket for 10 yards, before he was pushed hard out of bounds for a 15-yard penalty on the Bucs to set up Nick Folk with a long 48-yard field goal with two seconds to play.

Folk who has never been automatic, connected, putting it through the uprights to give the Jets a hard earned 18-17 win.

Defensively the Jets played well. They sacked Josh Freeman three times, including forcing him to fumble the bal in the end zone to give the Jets a 2-0 lead. While, the held the powerful Doug Martin to just 65-yards rushing.

As for Darrelle Revis, his return was a mute point. He had a couple of deflected passes and one tackle in his first game since injuring his knee last year. For all of those who put money on Revis picking a part the Jets passing game -- they lost a lot of cash.

The Jets (1-0) take on the Patriots (1-0) on Thursday night in Foxboro.