Thursday, January 22, 2009

Highlights of Super Bowl Participents: Steelers & Cardinals

Here are two viedos created by myself on highlighting the road to Super Bowl XLIII for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.

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The Steelers highlight viedo covers three crucial games for Pittsburgh, that includes both the divisional playoff game against San Diego and the AFC title game against Baltimore. The Steelers controversial win in Baltimore on December 14 is also covered in the film. WATCH VIEDO NOW! Make sure you have the sound on on your computer to listen to the music that goes along with the film.

The Cardinals highlight viedo covers all three Arizona playoff games against the Falcons, Panthers and Eagles. It was a great run for Arizona and after watching the film, you might begin to think that this year's Super Bowl could be a close one. WATCH VIEDO NOW!

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