Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nets Get Back on Track Against Lousy Kings


The Nets continued their up and down season after Vince Carter led the Nets to a huge second half against the Sacramento Kings, winning the game 98-90.

Carter was huge on the night, shooting 9 of 18 from the floor, scoring 29 points while collecting nine rebounds and seven assists. It was the kind of performance the Nets have needed from Cater, since he is the only legitimate star left on a team that a year ago had Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson on staff.

After trailing 56-43 at the break, New Jersey went on a huge run allowing on 35 points by Sacremento for the rest of the night. The only star for the Kings was Kevin Martin who was 11 for 21 from the floor with 36 points. The sad part for the Kings was the fact that Martin was a part of the Kings bench. The starting lineup shot only a combined 15 for 42 with 33 combined points.

The Nets defense was ferocious. Yi Jianlian recorded 13 rebounds, as he found ways to prevent Sacremento from doing anything inside the paint.

The Nets are now 17-18 on the season.

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