Monday, March 23, 2009

Jets Make It Clear: They Want Jay Cutler

In a story from New York Daily News football analyst and writer Gary Myers, the New York Jets have every intention of acquiring Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos.

"Multiple sources told the Daily News Sunday at the opening of the NFL meetings that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum contacted the Broncos to let them know the Jets are very interested in trading for Cutler. But the Jets have yet to make a trade offer, and the Broncos have not said what they want, because Denver has not determined the Cutler situation is beyond repair.
But this much is clear: The Jets are definitely in the Cutler Derby

The Broncos are still trying to find out if the relationship between coach Josh McDaniels and Cutler can't be resolved sooner rather than later. If the two sides cannot make peace, the Jets are ready to take Cutler off of their hands.

The Jets current quarterback situation is a fog once again. They have Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff and Eric Ainge in camp right now, but if the Jets are clamoring about Cutler, it is obvious that they are still not sold on the abilities of Clemens. If they were, Brett Favre would never have been traded to the Jets in the first place, last summer.

The Jets are also thinking about drafting a quarterback, likely Josh Freeman from Kansas State, who is 6' 6" and can throw a deep ball. Only problem is the fact that the Jets already have three virtual rookie quarterbacks on the roster.
So far the competition for Cutler could be between the Jets, Buccaneers, Bears, Lions and Browns. There has been speculation that the Jets, Browns and Broncos could work out a three-team trade that would send Cutler to the Jets, Brady Quinn to the Broncos and a bunch of draft picks to the Browns.
That trade makes little sense. Why would the Browns trade the franchise quarterback Quinn when he hasn't even been given a fair shot to start? In addition, why would Eric Mangini want to damage himself among Cleveland fans by making such a deal? That scenario is highly unlikely. I think a Quinn for Culter trade makes more sense for the Browns, if something were to happen.

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