Sunday, June 3, 2012

Say What? Bill Maher Buys Stake in the Mets

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth ... than are dreamt of in your philosphy." (Hamlet)

The quote above, which we all recognize from Shakespeare's play Hamlet, basically means this: sometimes in life the most bizarre, idiotic and baffling things happen that just leaves you wondering (in the poetic words of Vince Lombardi) "What the hell is going on out here?!?"

As the Mets have been busy exercising their demons on the field, slowly rebuilding trust between the team and its fans, and playing outstanding baseball more than a third of the way through the season, leave it to Mets ownership to find a way to screw things up a bit.

Before the Mets took the field to play the St. Louis Cardinals, and before New York welcomed John Franco into the Mets Hall of Fame, the Mets owners made a baffling announcement: Bill Maher is partner in everything Mets.

That's right, Bill Maher is a part owner of the New York Mets!

The same Bill Maher who has publicly trashed women, Christians, the military, and just about anyone who doesn't fit into brand of very, very, very far to the left views on political and social issues, is now part of the decision process in New York.

The Wilpons have been looking for shareholders to buy into the team since the Bernie Madoff mess almost bankrupted the franchise and the Wilpons.

The Wilpons put up 12 partnership shares worth $20 million a piece, meaning that any shareholder would own 4% of the franchise. However, it is not known how much stock Maher is invested in.

Granted money is money. It's green no matter what political spectrum one comes from. But, the fact that the Mets owners were willing to sell a piece of the team to a person as divisive and hated as Maher is about as dumb a move for a franchise that is struggling to bring people to the ball park.

Perhaps Maher, a devoted Socialist, is actually a willing Capitalist? Who knew.

No matter, this is another black eye for the Wilpons -- a poorly timed one that they didn't need at all.

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Keith said...

Amen, brother. Never should anyone be so desperate to go looking for assistance from ignorant, bigoted scumbag trash like Maher.

Seriously, Maher is one of the biggest bigots against Christians in the world and his politcal anaylsis is left that of Nancy Pelosis.

Boycott the Mets until they relinquish the stench of evil bastard. Good job ruining this feel good season, Wilpons!!