Sunday, July 29, 2012

Revis sits out practice with hamstring injury

Here we go with more drama at Jets camp. First it was Tim Tebow getting heckled by Jets fans, now Darrelle Revis had to sit out practice with "tightness" in his hamstring.

Revis insists that it has nothing to do with the fact that he is unhappy with his contract.

"I knew you were going to ask that question," he told a reporter, shaking his head. "Come on, it has nothing to do with it. If I didn't want to be here, I would've held out."

Right Darrelle, right.  Revis knows that if he held out of camp he would have been fined $30,000 a day by the Jets for each day he missed camp; therefore this injury can be interpeted in two ways. One, Revis is pulling an Osi Umenyiora and holding himself out of practice with phantom injuries until he gets the contract he wants. He can't get fined, because he is in camp. He was very close to holding out for the second time in three seasons, because he feels slighted by the remaining $13 million over the final two years of his contract. He wants more money, people.

That being said, reports are that Revis tried to get back into practice, but was held out by team doctors because of the injury -- so this is a legit injury. The Jets have downplayed the injury, saying it is not serious.

We shall see. Revis has battled hamstring injuries in the past. Two years ago, after his holdout, he came up lame in a game against the Patriots and had to miss time. Either way, the Jets can ill afford to lose Revis, and vice versa.

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